Friday, November 01, 2013

Always writing

My Morning Pages today were only just; I blame The Guardian and a nice hot cup of tea, though the tea was a cup of hot water with squeezed orange and lemon with a spoon full of honey.  So, it was only fifteen minutes before midday that I started writing.  I am being fairly religious about this aspect of my writing course and I have thought of a way to make some use of it while I am waiting to integrate it into my writing.

I have painstakingly gone through my daily scrawl and have identified phrases and sentences that I think might be worth developing later.  I intend to put a small selection of these on our forum and then ask other students to do the same while asking for ways in which they could be used to develop ideas for other work.

Some people have already shown themselves ready to comment and contribute and those must be encouraged because they are going to be the backbone of the course.  I do my bit, but I need other people to respond.  For me the tutorial was always more useful than the lecture.  That may be obvious, but I really need to talk something out if it is to say in my mind and develop into a useful idea.

Irene phoned today and we have arranged to go out for dinner tomorrow.  This is another example of our both needing to talk – as well as eat!  We have been collecting various bits of electronic hardware for Irene for her to cope with her bad back courtesy of Lidl.  She deserves to be cossetted, especially during the winter considering the altitude at which she lives!

My swimming continues at what I now realise is a leisurely pace.  Towards the end of my swim, during which I had been pacing myself against a man in the next lane who looked while swimming a form of crawl as though he was about to die, I decided to beat him more convincingly and discovered that I had a considerable amount of power in reserve and cut through the water with commendable dispatch!  Which means I suppose that I should use some of that power before I feel the urge to stop because my allotted time is up.

But now some extra writing demanded by chapter 5 of the Big Red Book – our course bible – imagining a character that possess or makes use of a list of ten items. 

It’s like being back in school. 

But better!

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