Sunday, November 10, 2013

Only human!

20%.  One fifth.  One in five.

When I was indulging myself at Irene’s the twenty per cent rule came into my mind.  Virtually everything that I ate in the house was something that has been forbidden by the dictates of my very reasonable diet.  But another part of my oh so reasonable diet says that 20% of what I eat can be ‘questionable’ or just plain wrong.

I am not sure just how little I will be able to eat during the coming week to justify the meal only accounting for 20%, but starvation seems like an attractive alternative to what I am going to have to do.  I think perhaps minor surgery will be necessary, but somehow we will get through.

I have now lost 5k which is impressive as long as you visualize it as bags of sugar.  You have to do thing because it doesn’t look as though I have lost a single solitary ounce – if I may be allowed to mix my weights!  Still, after a delicious backsliding I will attempt to keep on the straight, narrow and downward slope to what I fondly believe to be health.

The two pieces of writing that I did late yesterday night and posted on the forum have been signally ignored.  That is perhaps unfair as no one else has posted anything – but they must have looked at least and obviously been intimidated by the excellence of my work and fled in despair.  Or not.

We are now on to the next chapter in the Big Red Book and yet more exercise to complete and our tutor (who is soon to return out first piece of work) has established a new area in which we have to post our work.  There is a galloping relentlessness of work that has to be done which is nothing like my remembrance of a campus-based university!  It is quite exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.  Which is possibly how it should be.

Tomorrow my new Kindle should arrive, a delayed birthday present to myself, although it is in the hands of the non-delivery-delivery-people that Amazon stubbornly keeps using in this area.  To be fair, they are starting to deliver things and the last couple (and when I say couple I mean two, it’s quite specific) of items have actually been delivered to the door.  I am not so gullible to believe that this is something that will continue, but I am enjoying a firm actually doing what it is paid to do!

The arrival of a new gadget will not drain my enthusiasm for spending yet more money – the watch, and something a little more expensive are still tickling the edge of my weakness which is visibly fraying – if I may be allowed to mix my metaphors!

So far today I have only done my morning pages and that finished the notebook that I am using.  Tomorrow to the supermarket to get more supplies.  Buying stationery has always had a strange appeal for me.  I am sure that it is something to do with what you get for your money.  Such seeming value!  Think of a box of staples, how many you get.  A thousand for pence!  And safety pins and paper clips and paper.  It is only when you put things together that the expense starts piling on.  Eighty sheets of paper costs very little, but as soon as you put a spiral binding with two cardboard covers around it the price spirals up in a most remarkable way.  Still, at least I have been able to resist the decorated notebooks which take expense into another universe!

I may or may not be spendthrift, but even I recognize when some expense is just too much! 

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