Thursday, November 28, 2013

Long time passing

Where is the blog?  Where is the writing?  I seem to have been doing little else, but it does not make it to these pages.  Week, almost a week of frantic tapping at the keyboard and nothing to show for it!  Shame on me.

As I now have the memory of a retarded goldfish I will not even attempt to make up for lost anecdotes but live of the moment and luxuriate in it.

The next watch has, today, entered the growing collection.  This one is a Casio (an old love, my first digital watches were Casio) though I note that the name only occurs on the watch face in tiny letters while the title of the watch ‘Edifice’ (sic) appears in gleaming script.

The USP of this one is that it is atomic.  Not glow in the dark atomic (though I trust that it does that in a safer way) but enslaved to an atomic clock somewhere in England and Germany.  I haven’t heard of the places in with either are in and so have promptly forgotten them.  At two o’clock in the morning, so ‘tis said, the atomic fairies come drifting down and make sure that the time is just-so, so that the waking purchaser can be absolutely certain that the time is The Time and there is even a little round window in which the seconds tick on in their numbered way so that the more nerdish wearers can check that The Time is right To The Second.  I know of no one in my immediate vicinity or even wider who needs time to the exact second, let alone my good, retired self, but once available it must be had.

In theory this watch will also compensate for travelling to other time zones and will automatically reset the time for summer and wintertime.  I will merely be happy if it tells me the right day and automatically changes for the month.  I have done nothing about putting the year into the machine and so I know nothing about leap years, but perhaps more assiduous reading of the hefty instruction booklet will empower me to delve a little more deeply than my present stance of being amazed that it arrived telling the right time with the right day, date and month.  If it ain’t broke don’t mend it is sage advice.

Because I forgot the bread on my way back from my swim we went out for lunch in one of two new restaurants that we have discovered opposite Lidl’s.  In the one we went to today we were issued with a small loyalty card which will give a free meal for every ten that we eat there.  So, in a couple of month’s time we will be enjoying a 9€ meal for nothing.  Except the coffee of course.  That adds a Euro.  Excellent value and good food too.

There is much more that I should be writing about but I have written three exercises for the course today (not counting my Morning Pages) and edited them – a process to which I have an almost pathological aversion – so I am just about written out.

Tomorrow I shall explore options for refilling my disposable fountain pens.  I have been led to believe that this is a worthwhile and profitable enterprise because I am innocent to believe what I see on YouTube.  So the buying of ink and the general catastrophe of Ink Everywhere is immanent.

But I live in hope.  As always.  And the watch is working well so far.
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