Friday, November 08, 2013

Early action!

Up betimes!  

The changing of the wheel was as featureless as it should have been.  Putting the ‘compact’ wheel back in the boot was anything but.  It eventually took four of us to solve the three dimensional problem that putting everything back in so that it all fitted together!

My swim was at an earlier time than usual and as it coincided with a jumping dance class of a regiment of women there was no parking space available.  And all the swimming lanes were taken – though as soon as I arrived one gentleman left showing, I thought, a keen sense of responsibility!

My cup of coffee was taken in leafily bright sunshine.  And it’s November!

My Morning Pages were written a little later than usual and I think they were of even less interest than usual!  Never mind, I am optimistic that something will come out of all the effort that I am putting into them.  Or self-delusional.  Who cares, it has now become part of my daily ritual and even though it is costing me an arm and leg in disposable fountain pens, it is something that I am sort of enjoying in a masochistic sort of way!

Lunch was in the Little Pla and was light by any standards.  I felt thoroughly morally fortified by the time I had finished eating my melon!  I even had a cup of tea rather than coffee – restraint can go no further!

The recording of the new discs on the computer goes on apace.  There is something deeply satisfying in doing such a mundane task.  I am keeping the booklets close at hand so that I can refer to them to see if there is anything that should be listened to out of sequence.  It was easier when I was traipsing off to school every day in Barcelona as it meant that I got through the discs in double quick time.  Depending on traffic each disc took a day and half.  Now, with the limited amount of travelling that I do it takes a little longer – and I have to suffer the pointed indifference of Toni as he listens to yet another masterpiece!

At the moment I am listening to a Kurt Weill compilation recording and it has reignited my enthusiasm for The Threepenny Opera and my personal favourite, The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny.  I shall have to try and find the discs that I already possess of these ‘operas’ somewhere in the filing system whose key was lost from the memory banks of three separate computers in a truly disastrous sequential crash!

More writing to do!

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