Thursday, October 31, 2013

The horror past!

It hurt!  

I like to be asked if I want an injection, so that I get the kudos of refusing and showing how macho I really am.  I want given the choice and he went straight in and drilled away to make the hole bigger to make it smaller.  Such things do not make that much sense to me, but it produces Mercs for dentists so it must make sense at a higher level.

The gap is now filled and the ragged edges are no longer cutting the inside of my mouth.  I cannot bite on it fully yet, but I am sure that it will settle down.

The rest of my teeth (how long is it since I last went to a dentist!) are fine – which sort of supports my self interest of dentists as opposed to the health of patients theory, but let it pass, let it pass.  It would appear that I grind my teeth, obviously my response to my inability to make the world more in my image!  I have now had an impression of my top set of teeth taken in the dental clay that I remember from my visit to a specialist in Cathedral Road over fifty years ago.  It is funny how the taste came back to me at once.  The clay will be used to make a plastic mould that I will have to place on my teeth each night.  I suppose that one should take every opportunity to preserve the natural teeth that one has.

The last dentist I truly trusted told me that with reasonable care I should have my teeth for the whole of my life.  The stiff price for a piece of soft plastic seems a fair price to pay for continuation of the battered enamel that I still sport!  So, back to the dentist on Thursday to get the rest of my money’s worth.

Considering how much I have heard people pay to their dentists, to get away with only (!) €265 for a visit that I feared would lead to the reconstruction of a tooth which would have been at a cost well into four figures.  And if you divide the figure by the number of years that I have waited for this forced visit, it is virtually nothing.  And I get a piece of individualized plastic!

I have now had comments on my poem and it is heartening to find out firstly that some people like it, and secondly that they have made a real effort to understand it.  With a response like that it is not difficult to reciprocate.

Tomorrow is the first day in Spain when I could buy a little object of desire.  There is, of course no justification for its purchase whatsoever, but I am going to find it virtually impossible to resist.  Quite impossible.  Though it may take a slight readjustment of my finances to afford it. 

That is surely not too much to ask? 

It is, after all, essential for my peace of mind. 

And school were I only going there!
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