Thursday, October 03, 2013

Down we go!

Feeling worse, but revised better.  

Go figure!

I am now putting total faith in the couple of “puffers” that I have to do the job and get rid of the irritating illness which has now been in the vicinity for far, far longer than I am used to.  A day feeling unwell I can cope with; a second week seems like malicious victimization and I want none of it!

Toni keeps asking if I feel better and I am giving in to the relentless expectation of improvement and am almost convincing myself that I do feel, perhaps, maybe a bit better.  The mornings and evenings are not good time, but there is a middle period in which I can enter into the self-deception with something like enthusiasm.

I am now on the third and last volume of information that has to be at my fingertips for the examination.  Our tutor has, at last managed to sort our the terminal problems with the IT in her house and is now back in contact with us and is supplying the sort of information about the exam which creates panic and despair in students!  No, it is all good stuff, though if you read between the lines of the good, solid suggestions there are little hits which suggest that you should have done much more than you actually have!  It is the demand for specifics rather than the General Picture which strikes a chill into my heart!  However, if all goes well and the “puffers” do their stuff then I will be able to deliver on what they are going ask.  Probably.

The tutor for the next course has been in touch and we are obviously going to hit the ground running, as soon as the tutor forum is open for business.  And the sooner the better to my mind – though the revision and illness does make it more than a little problematical!

Though the one clear thought which always comes to mind to see me through occasions like this is the simple fact that I am doing all this “because I want to” – and that makes all the difference!
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