Thursday, October 24, 2013


When your birthday is in October then surely the most important element in the event is that fact that you have actually spent some time in the afternoon sunbathing!  How wonderful is that!  October, even late October and it is warm enough to lay out on a sunbed and worry about the lack of sun cream that you have applied!

It is very strange to be in a foreign country and not have the requisite number of birthday cards to justify the passing of a year!  There again, who the something or other cares!  I lay out in the sun on my birthday how often did that happen in the past!

So an odd sort o birthday, when I get up early and write my morning pages and then stagger upstairs again and brush my teeth.  This is not the way to do it.  I think.

I have tried to make sense of what I have written and extracted the phrases that I think have some significance from the dross that I have produced.  Some of them are partially interesting, but not convincingly interesting.  When they are listed, I mean the phrase that I think have some value; they do not threaten the position of Wilde in the aphorism stakes!  But I’m working on it.

Let me give you, O reader! a flavour of what I am producing!  If I am serious the only thing that I liked from many days of writing before I was fully conscious was, “He had the words for everything and the grammar for nothing.”  I am not entirely convinced that I understand what I have written there, but I am prepared to work at it for a few moments!  Just like the other quotation, “Life is a forgetting, of casting momentary importance into oblivion.”  That surely has to mean something!  Well, like the last one, I am working on it!

And that is where I am.  Working on it.  After all, by now I ought to know the ways of the OU, but I find that I am learning course by course and I am reading the instructions for each assignment with a more rigorous analysis.  I have no intention of losing another 15% by going it alone and trying for independent originality.  The OU will get what it wants, even if I give it after the fact.  How many times have I explained to students that they should answer the question and pay clear attention to the advice that they are given?  I fully intend to give the OU exactly what it wants.  As far as I am capable of interpreting what it wants!  At least I will give it a go!

My birthday meal this evening was not what I intended, but worked out better.  Why is there always a contradiction in the way I look at things!  So tapas and Sangria de Cava.  Delicious!  I drank all the sangria and didn’t eat all the tapas, though there was a new one of bread-crumbed deliciousness including black pudding.  Not something which, because of its absurd calorific value can be eaten with any degree of regularity, but as a once in a few weeks treat is something which I will do again!

Tomorrow I really will have to make a decision about what freewrite I choose to make as the basis for my next piece of writing.  It is a challenge and, of course, an opportunity.  I will have to produce some sort of draft in the next 24 hours and then work on it so that my ‘reflection¡ can be half way convincing!

My course on brands is taking something of a second place at the moment, but I have until the end of the week to get back on course as long as I do not mess with the timetable for the assignment.  It is more to do with time management than imagination!

I have had my birthday present which is a case and a power supply for something which, at the moment I do not have!  This is strange.  My new Kindle will not arrive until something like the 12th of November; the date when the new version is issued in Spain.  So, when it arrives, I am prepared.

The time is tomorrow, even though this blog will reflect that it is still today: what it is to work to GMT!  But tomorrow is packed with things that I have to do and that is the delight of time which is my own!

Roll on my sixty-fourth year!  Because that is the one that I am in now and will be for the next 354 days!

And that gives pause for thought!

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