Sunday, October 13, 2013

Autumn Sun

On the positive side I was able to lay out in the sun. 

Wearing only a bathing costume before the more cynical begin to question the quality of warmth!  And I kept telling myself that it was the 13th of October and wasn’t that a good thing!  It is at this stage of the year that I remind myself that I have sunbathed on Christmas Eve – and even thrown myself into the sea on the same date (and even more quickly got out of the freezing water) so, in theory there are months of potentially stealable sunny days ahead!

After the quite exceptional amount of work that I have completed over the past couple of days, it was always likely that today would be an anti climax – and so it proved to be via the down side of the OU (which is also its strength) the Forums.  One of the most important aspects of this course is that your writing is posted on line and it is commented on by your fellow students and your tutor.  This all depends on the willingness of the students to respond.  I know that I am in a fortunate position as I do not have to do a job (Ah! Savour those words!) and can therefore spend more time on the course than those who are struggling with full time family and employment.  But it is hard when you are raring to go and feel stymied by sluggard response.  Or at least by what I regard as slow response.  It is still early days and we are still getting used to what we are expected to do so I shouldn’t jump to judgement.  Yet.

There are now notebooks throughout the house.  There is one in my pocket, another by my bedside and another on the Third Floor.  The materials side of the course has therefore been catered for, I only hope that my writing can justify the amount of paper being used!

Tomorrow off to the garage to get the broken window in the car repaired and getting the placed ready for Andrew on Thursday.

Back to the forums!

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