Sunday, September 23, 2012


A depressingly overcast day – though, being Spain, a few fragments of sunshine were thrown in our direction in the late afternoon.  For which I was appropriately grateful.

My swim in a pool, whose retractable roof was firmly extended to keep the weather out, was accompanied only by the distant (blurred) vision of the lifeguard sitting down waiting for an active body to give her job reason.

I was a little later at getting to the pool today, and still I was the only person in the water.  I am getting a little concerned about the lack of swimmers.  I know that swimming pools are amazingly expensive to upkeep and I do not want the place closed through lack of customers.

I am now getting to the stage where I can gauge my twenty-minute limit without reference to my watch.  I also think that another instinctive response came into play which is an integral part of the survival weaponry of teachers: I stopped swimming at exactly the point at which a father and two small children walked through the doors to splash about.  Some responses are in-built!

Tomorrow with any luck I will catch the tail end of a recommended exhibition in Barcelona.
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