Saturday, September 29, 2012

Unfair and unreasonable!

I do relish the feeling of accomplishment that comes with doing something which takes very little effort.

Effort is what it took to get up early on a Saturday morning – though the intrusive rumble of Berlin Airlift numbers of planes swooping low and loud over my bed, together with morning boy racers who use our one way road as part of an F1 circuit, and not forgetting (what would we do without them) the crack of dawn squad that empties our bins by squealing to a halt to clank up the bins and then squeal off – all of that did make it somewhat easier to rise from my bed!

The water in the pool is getting progressively cooler.  I don’t mean the communal one in the garden; god knows what temperature that is now, but rather the one which is supposed to be heated.  At the moment it might be described as “refreshing” – which means that most of my whimpish friends would refused to put even a toe into the water.  I just wonder what the temperature is going to be like when the outside temperatures are much less congenial than they are at the moment.

And the rain.  We must have had the total of the last three month’s rainfall over a single day.  The full fury of the storm waited for me to finish my swim and then, as I made my way to the car, the heavens truly opened.

Things always look so depressing in the grey light of a rainy day that I was disinclined to sit under sodden trees and have my customary cup of tea and decided to go home directly and promptly took the wrong turning.

And this, if you have been thinking about the opening thought, is where I achieved something.  Not much but something.

Most people have something which they say they are going to do and somehow never quite get round to it.  It may be visiting the Grand Canyon or learning Spanish or writing their novel or reading Paradise Lost; something life changing or challenging – something.

I have one thing: visiting the Church (if it is a church) on the hill above St Boi.  Attempted this summer and failed miserably as no roads appear to lead there.

However Toni and I have a joint something – which is visiting a hotel that we keep passing and saying we must pop in and have a cup of coffee.  We have been doing this for years and the car has never slowed down.

Until today.

In the pouring rain I suddenly had an impulse of achievement, found a parking place and with trusty RSC umbrella fully unfurled I went in for a hot drink.

I’m not sure what is going on in Castelldefels at the moment but the serving area of the place was filled with what I took to be residents having their breakfasts.  Which, if nothing else, shows you how early I was having my swim.

Having stomped in through the tempest I felt that I had to stay and so enquired about having breakfast myself.

And good value it was too.  I took mine on a sort of terrace protected from the lashing rain and ate my way through what passes for breakfast in foreign lands and had two cups of strong tea while reading my mobile phone in a final attempt to finish the interminable sci-fi story that has been a sort of descant to my life for far too long.

I even got fifty cents off the breakfast because the lady in charge couldn’t be bothered to find change.  A good start to a day.

Which has also seen me finish the mobile phone book and I can now concentrate on getting the other one on the Kindle read as well.

There has been precious little else to do given the unreasonable amount of precipitation today.

Tomorrow is forecast as being somewhat better and Monday better still.  It better!

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