Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Sunday without fear!

The sunshine today was almost sufficient to dry out the sun lounger cushion that I inadvertently left out in the lashing rain yesterday.  Almost, but not quite.

I suppose that we should be grateful that the vans came around on Saturday and picked up the mounds of pine needles which have accumulated on the streets given the time of the year.  If those had still be on the pavements and in the gutters the rain would have had an even more devastating effect as they block drains and cause more standing water to remain for longer.

The only time that I ventured out on Saturday was to buy something in the late evening and the rain was exacerbated by the fact that some sections of the roads were without street lighting – making driving in driving rain a much more exciting prospect, especially as I was surrounded by people who appeared to driving in bright sunshine.  Very frightening – and I was glad to get home and make my self a comforting cup of tea and settle down with my Kindle!

I was alone, yet again, as I ploughed my lonely furrow in the pool this morning – which is fine by me, but does make me wonder about the financial viability of the centre if things are so poorly supported.  Though as we pay a monthly rate I don’t suppose it matters if people do not get their money’s worth!  I do!

I am now over half way through my Kindle book “The Islands” – it mixes sex, Surrealism and social comment in equal measures and links everything together in a detective story format.  I intend to cut this typing short and get back to it.

Toni has an important day tomorrow and he has to get shot of his present illness in double quick time to ensure that he is at his best.

His rip to Terrassa was to see his nephew play football but the lashing rain meant that the match was cancelled and all her has brought back is a present from sister and nephew in the form of a virus whose symptoms are a sore throat and flatulence.  Ex Africa semper aliquid novi – as someone said in different circumstances! 
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