Saturday, September 01, 2012

New start again

Emma left early on Friday morning and the house seems strangely empty.  However, that is not for long as Ceri and Dianne are arriving on Sunday and then the countdown to The Meal begins!

Meanwhile I try and keep myself calm by attempting to find out how to work my new(ish) replacement camera which, at the moment, is still working with the zoom in a fully functioning state.

Having printed out the whole of the operating manual (in full and glorious colour - by mistake) I feel that I ought at least to make some effort to read it as I am not of the generation where operating a sophisticated piece of electronic equipment is intuitive.

I have to admit that the screen on the camera does sometimes flash up helpful hints which give me some idea of what is going on – but there are other bits and pieces of information that you simply have to know otherwise you remain in blissful ignorance of the true capabilities of the machine.

The USP of the camera is its Wi-Fi link which should mean that it can send pictures direct to my email account or to a printer or even that the camera is able to be operated via my mobile phone.  Quite why one would want to do that I am not absolutely sure, but if it can be done then I would like to be able to do it – and the usefulness can be worked out later!

It is certainly a neat piece of kit and I think that I will enjoy getting to know what it can do.  Obviously, that last sentence is something like a written pledge to encourage myself to do what I should!

After our day of cloud and rain yesterday, today was fine and hot but with that measure of coolness that betokens the end of summer.  I am eagerly searching the faces of the young to find the signs of desperation that the start of the autumn term usually brings to the surface.  Some of the less imaginative children who get bored on holidays (!) may actually think that they are looking forward to starting school and being reunited with their friends – but a few days of the juggernaut of the timetable lurching into operation and they will look back wistfully to the halcyon days of the summer holidays.

Teachers are slightly different.  The only teacher who ever told me that he was bored and was actually looking forward to returning to school was Paul 1 – and even he has changed his tune now and denies that the youthful and offensively jejune version of himself ever existed!

As if it were fated, I met a teacher from a previous school in a supermarket today and we exchanged cards as I told her that I was no longer teaching in the school on the hill.  That is, we would have exchanged cards if I had had one – instead I meekly took hers and will send in my email address to keep her records up to date.  One never knows when a stretch of supply might come in handy.  One cannot afford to ignore any serendipitous meetings that might be to my advantage in some undefined future.

I am half watching Chelsea being destroyed by Athletico Madrid.  Chelsea’s ineptitude is made all the worse by the obscenity of the players’ salaries and the worse than mere obscenity of the more than questionable worth (in all senses) of their oligarch owner.

I suggest that, instead of wearing some meaningless numbers on their backs they have a figure which is more immediately appreciable to the hapless punters who pay their wages and gives clear and shocking information.

I suggest that the number on the back of their shirts should be based on the average annual pay of workers in the country in which they “play”.  Thus the number “1” on the back of a shirt would indicate that the selfish, foulmouthed, incompetent “sportsmen” [see recent court cases and FA judgements] will be earning the total average annual salary of an ordinary worker every single week.

Let’s assume that the average annual salary in Britain is 25K that would mean that the number on the back of a player like John Terry would be 4.4!  Almost four and a half times the average annual salary every week!  That would give people something to think about as they watch the ineffective performance of individual absurdly paid footballers fail to stop a real drubbing from a team which isn’t even at the top of the Spanish league!

I wonder how many of the louts we have to put up with parading their tattooed bodies and ridiculous hairstyles on national television would only have a single digit figure on their backs!

I am not very happy with the progress of Paralympic Team GB.  We have lost our position and are lagging far behind the Australians and indeed other nations which are too shaming to mention!  No doubt I will settle down as soon as we have won a few more golds.

This weekend is the end of the holidays and 31st of August was the last day of my employment in the School on the Hill.

September 2012 (and for the rest of my life) a true pensioner!

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