Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Actual rain!  Distinct drops on the windscreen and then later in the day thunder lightening and vulgar raindrops!  There was some sunshine, but precious little.

It brightened up when I went into Barcelona to meet Suzanne and, after celebratory hugs and kisses we made our way to the culture that was our intended object.

The exhibition in the Caixa Forum was about maps, but this was interpreted fairly generously but, also, also fairly fatuously.  There were a few vaguely interesting exhibits but the general standard was woefully low with amateurish productions surrounded by self-indulgent and aesthetically unattractive items some of which looked as though they had been cobbled together at the last moment to fit into this mish-mash of rubbish.  I didn’t like it.

More stimulating was the visit, after our desultory meander through the exhibition, to the bullring – now converted in true Catalan style into a shopping centre.

To be fair I think that Suzanne and I were more concerned to chat than to extend our artistic vocabulary by visiting third-rate, half-baked, pseudo-artistic tat.

Suzanne is concerned that I visit the museum on the hill and see an exhibition which she describes as beautiful and thought provoking.  I will make the effort.

Our meal was in the bullring and Japanese.  My seafood noodle dish was unexceptional but the green tea tiramisu was more interesting.  Not interesting enough to justify the price but something to muse on.

The meeting was all the more delightful because I could enjoy it without any thought of the morrow, but for Suzanne . . .

We did talk about the start of term, but teacher talk does lose some of its piquancy when one of the couple is talking from memory about a theoretical rather than real experience.  Though I am quite prepared for things to stay in my memory rather than being refreshed by actual experience!

The bricks have had further refinements today and may actually be finished tomorrow when the sink will finally be placed on its handcrafted plinth. 

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