Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Two firsts!

Day 3 of the bike riding.

At least the chain did not come off today, so I count that as a bit of a triumph.  I also cycled up the hill over the motorway which I really think must count for something!  I can’t truthfully say that I am ‘getting into’ cycling, but I am doing it with something approaching good grace.  Unless it rains.

Tree destruction

I continue to watch the levelling of the area where the trees used to be with some grief, mixed with fascination in watching the speed and efficiency with which the workmen are effacing all traces of what used to be there before.  I may not like what they have done, but they are doing it well!
            What will be a telling indication of the level of managerial competence is the way that they put the lines in the space that they have now created for parking.  In my experience few humans (including myself) have the spatial and organizational imagination to paint a sequence of parking lines that uses the available area to its full potential.  Indeed my experience is that the almost arbitrary spacing of the lines creates vindictive confusion and bitter recrimination.
            Perhaps this car park will buck the trend in this country and they will actually give a reasonable amount of space.  For once.

Critical lunch

Lunch was eaten selflessly as an expedition to discover the quality of food provided in the restaurant connected to the apart hotel that some of our guests in October will be using.
            In due course an illustrated account of our meal will appear in Toni’s blog at where other of our joint eating ventures are to be found.
            The meal was delicious and the glass of vermouth to start the meal was a welcome touch.  Still, details on Toni’s blog.

The inspiration

Toni heard, saw, hunted and killed the first mosquito of the season.  How the hell the thing survives this early in the year is difficult to imagine – though the weather has been fine and sunny.  Indeed it has been so good that I have had my first official sunbathing attempt.  It didn’t last that long, but it did happen.  I trust that this will be first of many tanning sessions so that I can get rid of my pallid skin colour!  The hell with health, I need my vitamin D!

The Muse

Although I have a couple of poems which are refusing to come together in anything like a form that I can regard as finished, or even as things with a positive direction – my notes after my swim and during my cup of tea translated into a poem with a speed which left me breathless.  The finished poem may be found at and is available for comment!

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