Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Slipped chains, home thoughts and anticipation

Day 4 of Bike Riding

And the chain came off again!  I think the major problem is the way that I change gears.  I know the major problem is the way that I change the gears.  I do it badly.  Consistently badly.  And the chain comes off.  Something to work on.
            I am now getting used to riding the bike, but I am still not convinced that it is ever going to ‘take’ as far as I am concerned.

March poems

It is only right and proper that some of my poems should reflect the importance of this month to Wales.  And one of them does.  You can read it at: and with this one, more than some of the others, I would appreciate feedback.  But, I have to admit that I am content as long as at least one other human life form has read it!
            I think that the present poem could be the penultimate one to be included in ‘Flesh Can Be Bright’ (to be published in the autumn) and I can now, or at least in a few days time, get down to the onerous task of editing, redrafting and preparing the book for publication.  I have offers of proof reading for which I am very grateful and I only hope that the other aspects of the book which are outside my direct control all come together in the next few months.
            I am very much looking forward to this publishing event!  A small thing, but mine own!


Another meal in the restaurant that we still refer to as The Card Place in spite of the fact that the free meal incentive card that they used has long since been discarded.
            More photos were taken to illustrate Toni’s blog and he is now well into double figures in the establishments that he has covered and illustrated.

Out and about

This evening I’m off to Barcelona for a meeting of the poetry group which I joined when I was taking A215 Creative Writing with the Open University.  I have kept on with this group because it is warm, friendly and productive.
            One of my friends there is thinking of taking the University of Iowa’s free on-line course in Creative Writing.  This is the course that I did just after the Open University module and I thoroughly recommend it.  It is the sort of course that I might re-take some time in the future, especially if I need the impetus to write more poetry.  I found it stimulating and supportive.


For some reason which I find difficult to understand all the hotels in Barcelona are suddenly more expensive that they were a week ago.  The hotel I usually use is charging more than double the rate I paid two weeks ago!  There are no holidays as far as I can work out; I am at a loss to explain.
            The end result of this hike in prices is that I am going in my car.  Parking in the centre of Barcelona (and our little group meets within a stone’s throw of the Cathedral) is exorbitant, but it is a damn sight cheaper than staying in an inexplicably expensive room.

            As I am driving I am taking fruit juice with me for the ‘meal’ we have half way through the evening.  God alone knows what a totally sober poet produces!
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