Friday, March 13, 2015

At least the hoover works

Well deserved

The major advantage to studying is not a belief in the idea that ‘to live is to educate’, but rather the relief that you feel each time you complete an exercise or essay.  It is like a headache; you don’t realise how delightful normality is until pain shows you what non-normality can be like! 
However much you enjoy the learning process, there are few things to beat the sheer relaxation that comes when the proof that you have completed a unit of learning has been sent off to the powers that be and there is nothing further that you can do except wait.
            I am now in that honeymoon period of waiting for a response and I am going to make the most of it.  I am ahead of myself as far as the reading that we have to do is concerned, so I can give almost my full attention to my poetry.

Poetic justice?

In what I am sure could be seen as a fairly grotesque metaphor for something or other, our robot hoover ate its own power lead.  At least it tried.  There is, luckily, a fail-safe system that kicks into play when the machine tires to consume something more substantial than dust.  So, when Toni came back from his walk the poor machine was bleeping plaintively in the middle of the living room with the power lead firmly in its innards.
            Don’t worry, I rescued the poor thing, disengaged the lead and it is now feeding quietly and will roll into renewed operation when we go off for lunch.
            This time I will put the power leads well out of its way – and check the receptacle at the end of its time to check that it has actually been doing what it is supposed to do.

Beyond a joke

In the lead up to the Spanish election, the bunch of morally bankrupt thieves and liars that have hijacked the government have sunk to a new low.  The Minister of Justice (sic) has decreed that people will no longer be termed imputado when they are accused of a crime, they will be termed investigado instead.  Why?  I hear you ask!  Well, a large section of the ruling PP party are totally and completely corrupt, as are their friends and paymasters in banks and businesses.  So many of them have been imputado that they have had to find a way to make it sound a little less, uh, criminal in the run up to the election that they have resorted to the desperate expedient of changing the word: semantic hiding of criminality.
            The unspeakable horror who has come out of retirement to stand for PP as a possible candidate for Mayor of Madrid should be ashamed to be seen in public.  She is a hit and run driver and virtually all her past colleagues are either in prison or are awaiting prison.  She, however, remarkably, astonishingly, unbelievably, alone-ly amongst all her erstwhile criminal colleagues is pure and untainted.  As if!
            And she is not alone.  Every day there is a new scandal about the way PP are ruling (I use the word lightly) the country, or some new revelation about how the PP wealthy backers have been milking cash from banks and companies.  Few of them are in prison and I have little belief that Justice (whatever that word means in Spain at the moment) will prevail and that the droves of thieves and liars who daily parade themselves on our television screens will get their comeuppance.  But I live in hope and trust that Podemos will get a healthy showing in the election and force the established (and corrupt) political parties to pass laws which will bring some degree of transparency to political life.

Continuing lunch

Tomorrow sees Irene arriving to join us for lunch.  We will have to go somewhere different to boost Toni’s blog.  It’s hard work enjoying yourself.

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