Friday, March 06, 2015

Life is up hill!

Day 6 of cycling

This form of transport has now become a way of life for me.  Well, I did pedal up the hill of the road bridge over the motorway today.  That surely must mean something!  My gear changing is become less traumatic and the chain is staying on the cogs.  I call that virtually professional.
            The daunting thing for me is that the workmen seem to have stopped preparing the car park to be used as a car park again.  A month out of use seems like a very optimistic assessment of how long it is going to take to bring things back to normal and allow me to use the car again.
            The sun is shining and the ride is not long and we are heading into Spring, so at the moment, I am happy to keep cycling.

In the hands of the gods

Ironically, it is at this time that I am denied the use of the car by the uprooting of trees and the changing of a car park, that my car has been called in for a ‘free’ check-up.  This things are inevitably followed by an attempt on the part of the garage involved to drain your bank account.  I sincerely hope that this is not the case as I resent every penny spent on something as mundane (if essential) as a car.  Especially a car so signally devoid of useful gadgets as my present vehicle.
            I am very tempted by cars with rear view cameras.  I hate reverse parking with a passion and I am usually pretty average at doing it, so this is one gadget that I would actually be able to justify.
            Anyway I hope this is just a oil and plugs check and will not result in the spending of money which can be frittered away on other nicer things than a car.

(Later pm.)    Well, all I can say is thank god there was nothing wrong with the car!  As it was I paid €270!  Perhaps I am tempting fate, but this car does run well and, for the first time in my experience, it actually seemed to run better after its service.  I could tell that ‘things’ whatever they be, have been done.  The man who took my money away explained, very patiently what had been done and what had been changed etc.  I would not have known what he was talking about if he had been speaking English, so you can imagine my fixed smile as he explained it all in Spanish.  I did understand what he was saying, mostly.  Though knowing the words does not necessarily mean that I actually know what the hell he was talking about.  I do now know that I have a pollen filter – which has been changed.  Which is nice.
            While the car was being ‘done’ I walked down a block or so and went into the Gava shopping centre.  The plan was that I would look at the shops and then settle down with a cup of tea and get on with my poems.
            This did not happen.  I always underestimate my capacity for shopping.  Especially when I have ‘something to do’.  The present ‘something to do’ is concerned with The Meal in October and will be a little surprise for my guests.  I am working on it and I needed to do a bit of shopping research.  That is now done and I have formulated a plan.  ‘Nuff said.

TMA turmoil!

My last essay has now been returned with a mark which is satisfactory if not quite up to Toni’s tedious excellence.  It will do me nicely.  It means that the final essay is just so much candy for me as I already have sufficient credit to pass the essay section of the course!  I will, however do the final essay!
            The next pressing problem is the pro-forma which has to be submitted in five days, then the next essay in a few weeks.  It’s all go.

Flesh Can Be Bright

The progress of the book seems to be speeding up as at least one of my collaborators seems to be producing something.  I await the product with some interested anxiety!

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