Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Too much weather!

It’s bloody cold.  As usual the television is showing pictures (complete with breathlessly astonished commentary) of snow falling in Spain.  Every year this annual occurrence is greeted with complete astonishment.  But it is cold.  This morning it was nine degrees!  Cold!
            At least the water in the swimming pool was warm.  Ish.  And that is good enough for me.  In spite of the pool apparently being crowded, it worked out that I had a swimming lane to myself for the whole time that I was there.  That is what I call starting the day well.
            And it continued well with my completion of my latest poem, or latest draft as I like to think, making use of the pages of notes that I have written ever since I heard that damned tune ringing in my head first thing in the morning.  Why it was there and why I then though of my parents’ dog is one of those sequences that defy rational explanation – but I think that I have produced a satisfactory poem from the disruption!
            My new poems are to be found at I can’t help feeling that there should be a @ sign somewhere there, but I’ve found that smrnewpoems typed into Google is sufficient to get you there.  If, indeed, there is where you want to go.  The new stuff is mounting up and I am well on my way to producing enough product to fill the new book.

            The political situation in this country gets worse by the day.  Yesterday the appalling joke that terms himself our President and the self seeking opportunistic leader of the so-called socialist party PSOE had a television opportunity together to sign some sort of accord in the fight against terrorism.  Presumably it was to give them an appropriate setting to show themselves being statesman-like and serious – they both need such shoring up of their positions as both of their fatuous political groupings are under serious threat by the newly formed Podemos.  The initial effect of this televised meeting was thrown a little by our august president being unable to make his way to the right chair to sit in to sign the document!  Pathetic!
            The character assassination of Podemos continues with the minister for the taxation department using his position for political advantage and, in his pip-squeak voice questioning the probity of the party.  This from PP, a party riddled with corruption which is resolutely refuses to recognize because it has an absolute majority in parliament and it uses that majority with a cynical disregard for the voters of this country which takes the breath away.
            The national headquarters of PP were built with black money from developers in a secret account which is common knowledge now.  PP are trying to say that the guilty parties involved in this are the architect and a man who has actually been in prison for almost two years who was the treasurer of PP!  Of the last four treasurers of PP, three have been accused of crimes.  When you add the number of majors, senators, officials and party members who have been accused of corruption it is difficult not to say that corruption is systemic to PP.  Judges are moved from cases, cases are delayed – the whole of the justice system is a joke with political interference blatant and cynical.  Living in Spain is like being in a country governed by a branch of FIFA – and what could be more criminal than that?
            Change cannot come too soon.  Bring it on!

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