Saturday, February 21, 2015

See it - don't eat it!

Cloudy day

A mediocre day in terms of weather – but it took until the night for the thunder and lightning and torrential rain.  And then only for a moment.  I really shouldn’t complain about the weather in this country, but my sunshine standards are higher than they were and I get factious with any diminution in my daily intake of sunshine.
            The swimming pool is a structure with glass sides and it should be a temple of water and light.  But it wasn’t today.  The sullen weather seeped through the windows and made my swim sluggish.  I’m sure it wasn’t really, but I was sulking and I like to have a touch of the pathetic fallacy to keep me company!
            I went for my swim early because we were both going to Can Moncho to have fideua as a celebration for the completion of the long running roadworks outside the restaurant.  As the place is run by the husband of an ex-colleague I was able to mix pleasure with duty and go to have a free meal to support a friend.
            In the event, it turned out that we were there early and we saw a motley crew of aged people hoping for a free hand-out; the PP mayor looking arrogantly shifty like the rest of his benighted party; music blaring out; and three kids playing.  Traffic was of course flowing down the street (the street being open, after all!) and one felt that not all the health and safety implications had been well thought out.  Still, in what was poor weather, people looked as though they were having a sort of good time in the circumstances.
            We were given a couple or glasses of beer and assured that the fideua would be ready in ‘five’ minutes.  Having momentarily forgotten which country I was in, I believed this.  

          But, eventually, the fideua did arrive and was placed on a table outside the restaurant and small plastic plates of the stuff were started to be given out.  But the restaurant was still open and husband and wife team were needed in the shop and kitchen.  So what to do?
            We of course offered to serve the fideua and soon Toni and I were forming an efficient team and were distributing largesse as if it were our own and gratefully receiving the thanks of the inhabitants of the opened street.
            People came back for seconds, we ran out of forks momentarily and eventually all the fideua was distributed leaving precisely nothing for ourselves!  We, however, were feeling cosily smug having been official helpful and with a couple of glasses of beer we were satisfied and wandered off quite happily to have a menu del dia in another restaurant!
            To be fair, our friend’s restaurant is more of a take-away so we wouldn’t have had a full meal, more of a snack: so smug and replete!

I have now put three versions of the poem that was causing me problems on:
and I am sure that there will be a few more versions before I am satisfied, or I give up!
            The miserable weather has prompted me to make a series of notes and that is the next poem that I am hoping to write.  I have already written one from this morning that features a swimmer who had the impertinence to be faster in the water than I was.  That is also available on
            As you can probably tell, I am trying to boost page views on the site because numbers have become a point of competition between Toni and myself.  Toni with his restaurant site at but I stay loyal to my poetry site at and I think this attempt to get viewers has now become squalid.  I will have to find another way to put and in my writing without making is quite so obvious!

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