Monday, February 23, 2015

Get on with it!

Well, at least I have done half the essay which should really be complete by now.  And I certainly should not be writing about it, I should be writing it.  But, prevaricator to the last and displacement activity expert as I am, I can type (and feel slightly queasy at the same time) about it rather than do it.  And, even as I meander my way through the words that I should not really be typing, I can feel the comfort of self-expressive writing indulgence dull the panic of academic indolence!
            It may be a small thing, but the highlight of my day has been Toni’s cleaning up of the image I chose for the publisher’s logo for my book, ‘Flesh Can Be Bright.’  ‘Praetorious Books’ now exists and to prove it there is a stylish logo which figures on the front and back covers and on the title page.  It is my desire for my book to have a spine, and of course the new logo will figure on that as well.  It adds that professional touch – and consequently adds another layer of expectation for the contents of the book!
            John Lord has agreed to read through the book when it is still in its electronic form.  John has a keen eye and a fastidiousness when it comes to the English language which is worth its weight in gold when it comes to reading copy.  I am very, very grateful.
            I am happy about the number of poems that I have written to go into my book, but this time the publication is more of a combined effort with two people translating and three people producing artwork to go with it.  So, five people who are not me and on whose work I am relying.  It is good for the nerves to have to manage such an enterprise and I am convinced that it will, eventually, make me a better person.  And a poorer one!  But that is self-publishing for you!
            Step by step the book is progression, not only in terms of the content, but also in the look of the thing.  I am, it has to be said, absurdly pleased with the logo and it really does add a finishing touch.  Such little things occupy my mind to the pleasing exclusion of what I ought to be doing!

Lunch was in one of our favourite restaurants, La Rincon de Lola, which has an exceptional view of the sea and excellent food at a more than reasonable price.  As Toni has written about this already in his blog at we only took pictures of those dishes that we have not illustrated and, eventually, Toni will add them to the entry.  I think we both agree that this restaurant combines food, value and view in a way that no other does.
            We still have a few of our regular haunts for Toni to write about so it is worthwhile checking in from time to time to see what has been added.

It is not quite so easy to write entries for my poetry blog, but I am working hard to ensure that there is a healthy selection for my putative readers to enjoy!  I am also looking forward to May when the fun part of book production starts and I can start playing around with the layout.
            I have already made enquiries about the printing of the book, but what I asked about is not what the book is actually turning out to be, so I will need to get another quote and hope that the additions have not made the type of book that I have in mind impossible.
            That is for the future.  Now back to the essay!

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