Friday, February 06, 2015

Politics is not enough!


I think that the time has come to resurrect my “Kill a Conservative for Christ” button campaign formed in my mind during the torrid hate-filled days when That Woman focussed my political loathing.
            The walking joke that calls itself the president of Spain yesterday talked of his ‘justified pride’ in what he has done to this country.  Words almost fail me when I consider what is going on here and the way in which this laughably corrupt government spins its take on the domestic and financial chaos that they and their friends have forced on us.
            The news today is filled with stories of demonstrators who have been handed prison sentences of up to eleven years - while the bankers and bribe taking politicians not only parade their freedom with impunity but also berate the poor and dispossessed for any expression of justified disgust against the elected dictatorship that governs this country at the moment solely by the blatant and anti-democratic use of its absolute majority in parliament.  ( . . . and breathe . . . )
            My loathing of That Woman was at least directed towards an evil cow who was worthy of my active hatred.  The bunch of comic-character intellectual pygmies who dress themselves up with the trappings of government and work exclusively for themselves are not even contemptible enough to merit a fraction of the pure white heat of hatred that warmed my days while That Woman was in power!  However, I am prepared to berate them with gusto because they are working themselves up into a positive frenzy of disinformation and character assassination as they try and deal with the very real threat of Podemos.
            As far as I can tell, Podemos is the only hope of disturbing the careful stranglehold that the bipartisan death-grip of PP and PSOE have on the handles of power in this country.  There are basic faults that need to be addressed which Podemos promises to tackle and which I think could be pressed through parliament with the help of other parties which would find it very difficult to block policies that are self evidently for the benefit of the majority of the population rather than the narrow concerns of PP, bankers, businesspeople and other corrupt sections of society.  Podemos – the force is in the word itself!  

And, by the way, I do apologise for the breathless and unending sentences above, but the fingers got carried away with themselves when I tried to express the frustrated anger that I feel whenever I watch television and hear news of the latest piece of disgusting theft or breathtaking mendacity that our government obviously sees as 'business as usual' in their ransacking of Spain.

The poems progress.  Yesterday I attempted to draft out a poem based on looking through the new floor to ceiling windows in El Rincon de Lola while we were having lunch.  The view of the foaming sea was exhilarating and the effect of shadow on sand was striking.  The only problem was trying to find something to say that was not a cliché!  I’m not sure that I have succeeded, but at least I have produced something which I can return to in a few weeks time and worry about a little more and perhaps dare to change or comma or two!  The blog which has copies of the poems is - I think.  Though smrnewpoems should get you to the poems if you use Google.  If you want to read them of course!
            I should be working on the ‘Winter Trees’ sequence as the next logical development from the 'Autumn Trees' sequence which has already been written – though I don’t like the title and I think that people (including my good self) will be fed up to the back teeth with trees by the time I get to summer!  Some inventive, or more likely obscure writing is called for.

Toni is on tenterhooks waiting for books.  I should film this denial of his usual personality as it has even taken in my ‘libros’ song (copyright pending) sung by me in the height of delight as excessive purchases of art books arrived to whet my appetite for my present course.  Which should be reminder enough for me to get on with the next of my essays.  Should be, but probably won’t be because the stuff that I have to write about doesn’t necessarily interest me.  Still, when this one is out of the way I will be able to concentrate on the EMA and Guevara and Hockney.
            Although I now have an agreement with the owner of at least four Guevaras to view them, a specific time and location have not yet been shared which rather takes away from the achievement of finding out about their existence in the first place.  Still, I am not in London until May, so there is time for things to be worked out.  I trust.
            Meanwhile the bibliography, if not the content of my artistic work, grows apace.  Which is, of course, something.
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