Tuesday, March 19, 2013

To the future!

The die has been cast!  And I sit here with potential impunity waiting for the reaction to my conduct last night.  I would like to say that I am waiting with a certain degree of trepidation.  But that would be a lie.  I really and truly couldn’t care less.  But I am interested to gauge the reaction.  From a purely sociological point of view of course.

Today is one of my “short” days and so I will have the afternoon to consider my next moves!

I am going to have to curb my propensity to splash money at any reasonable CD offer that flits before my fascinated eyes – and Amazon make sure that plenty of offers so do.  I am now fully CeeDeed to see me well into the summer holidays and some of the discs are going to be hard listening which it going to take a certain degree of concentration and determination to listen with anything like informed appreciation.

So far the EMI Eminence disc of Britten has been a revelation.  “Les Illuminacions” and other Britten choral works has been an utter delight.  Not having the dreadful Peter Pears singing is of course an advantage – though one can always hear his warble in the background of one’s memory whenever a piece of Britten is played!  The Ceremony of Carols too was amazing and I cannot imagine that there were many other drivers singing along to that excellent piece as I made my way on the north circular to The School on the Hill!

From what I can see from my purchases over the last couple of months, I am going to be a bit of an expert on the Baroque by the time I have exhausted the new discs with multiple copies of some works, especially by Bach.  Perhaps this is the time when I finally get to like the Brandenburg Concertos – though I doubt it.

The information booklet on the latest batch continues to surprise.  It actually talks about the music in something other than platitudes and uses fairly technical language.  Revelation - and it just shows that Sony has the right attitude and all the others could learn something from them.

Absolutely nothing has been said about my non-attendance at the meeting (which went on for two hours twenty minutes) and I shall therefore take that to mean that I can continue to act with impunity.  Hooray!  And the weather is fine and the wind is less and the sun is shining – who can ask for more!

The group work that the kids are completing at the moment is supposed to be evaluated by the presiding teacher who is supposed to give marks for a variety of attitudes and achievements in a great number of columns.  As you may have been able to tell by the tone in this paragraph I, of course, have done nothing of the sort.  My first repulse by the system was also my last and I have kept well away from the system ever since.  If this is a problem, then tough!

Lunch in our old stomping ground near the flat: mussels, whitebait, mixed paella with snails and chicken, Tarta Santiago, coffee - €12.20.  And people ask why I am living in Catalonia!

Full day tomorrow and the realization that there are only three days to the holiday.  That is a good realization.  Apart from there being three days.
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