Monday, March 25, 2013

First Day

Any day which allows me to lie out in the sun and have to use sun cream has my vote.  Today was such a day.  Lying down on a little used sun lounger and listening to my mobile phone’s music relayed through one of those little round expandable speakers with the prospect of lunch with Irene – what could be better.

Lunch was excellent and conversation better.  Though my fears about the scheme which I have been told about with three or four per cent interest on your deposit each month at compound interest seems to be a little less real now that depositors have been told that access to their money is delayed until a second audit has been completed.  Ponzi Scheme screams out it warning and my sympathy goes out to those who invested – although there is still time for my fears to be proved groundless.  I hope, for the sake of some of my friends, my fears really do prove to be groundless!

I have now completed all the set work of the first of my OU courses and from here on in it is revision all the way.  I am hoping that our Tutor Forum will now spring back into life with some tutor led suggestions for the finer points of our revision.  That at least will sooth tattered nerves as they develop over the next few weeks!

With any reasonable luck the weather should hold for the next few days with sun and high cloud – at any rate it should be markedly better for the Pauls than in Britain.

Tomorrow, Opera – Madame Butterfly. 

I must remember to take the tissues!
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