Saturday, March 16, 2013

Out of the way!

It is finished! 

It sounds a bit blasphemous, but I do understand the sense of completion.  The Essay has been sent off.  As usual the most annoying part was the writing of the bibliography; but I did use an idea passed on to me by Paul 1 who said that the easiest thing to do was to write the titles of the books etc. on Excel in a single cell per book and then simply ‘sort’ to get the alphabetic order so beloved of the pernickety - and copy and paste!

I will have to ask Paul how he got the lines of information to fit on an A4 page – knowing such things is the difference between serenity and mindless panic at the end of an assignment!

I am now “free” as far as TMSs are concerned until the middle of June, when the next course will have started up and enough will have been done for the first of the three TMAs to be sent in.  Though, thinking about it, that will be before the end of term – if I am still in the school.  Which looks less likely the more the “Meetings” loom large!  Long before that I will have to sit the exam for this course, of course.  Now when did I last sit an exam?

I feel that my revision will have to be a little more directed than it has been in the past and, given the way the OU approaches these first level course examinations, I will be guided pretty comprehensively towards what I need to study.  I must take heed of the help and abide by the advice!  That, in itself, is going to be difficult!

The Family has descended for lunch – but bringing with them calçots and various forms of meat that they have barbecued and served – and excellent it was too.

I am a little disturbed because the work I had to do this weekend has been done.  Not, admittedly the work that I have to complete for school and the dreaded meetings on Monday and Tuesday, but the work for the OU course has been done.  Done.  Done.  Done.  Thinking about it – when did I last do revision?  Dear god, talk about reviving old, well-lost abilities!

As long as I can get through this last week next week, then there is a holiday until the 5th of next month.  That is a much more acceptable way of putting it because as sure as god made little fishes, we do not have the clear fortnight which is a god-given right in the UK.  Best not to think about it too closely because that way lies madness!

Having failed to find free app which allows me to watch British television, I had to listen to Radio Wales and let out various whoops and hand claps as Wales trounced England and denied them The Triple Crown and the Grand Slam and the Championship.  Sweet!

We must make the most of this excellent win against England because we know that our moments of delight are going to be tempered by bitter loss in the future and we have to have these frustratingly irritating (from the English point of view) victories to relish in memory!

And Scotland are not doing too well in their job of forcing France to accept the wooden spoon in so far as they don’t appear to have as many points as the French.  One doesn’t want to disparage our northern neighbours but the Old Alliance seems to be coming into play!

Well, Scotland may have lost but we won - and that is the important thing.

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