Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tell us how to do it?

The sun slunk out this afternoon to show the Pauls what the weather could do if it felt like it!  Although there was a brisk wind it was hot and very un-British.

Today it is Paul Squared’s opportunity to cook for us.  We had a more than satisfactory lunch in St Boi but the real event is to be “Spanish Chicken” cooked by Paul.

You have to admire someone who comes to a country and then vaunts his culinary prowess by asserting that he can cook an eponymous national dish!

The ingredients were collected by Paul and myself from the Carrefour in Prat and we were beguiled by items other than the ones that we had come for and it was only with a real effort that we remembered that we needed chicken for the dish!

The real problem was the paprika in its smoked variety.  The first person I asked for paprika in the supermarket reacted as if I had suggested I hook up with her mother in some sleazy threesome rather than asking for a fairly run-of-the-mill spice!  I eventually got the help of an eager little old man to help me in my search.  Unfortunately his enthusiasm was only matched by the fatuity of our efforts.  Nevertheless, other spices were bought and they will do.  Probably.

My enthusiasm about the improving weather and the prospect of a delicious meal is limited because of the terrible realization that I have to go back to school not on Monday the 8th of April – but rather on Wednesday of this week.  In a mere three and a bit days’ time; let’s be precise, from this exact moment in time I am 84 hours from having to get up to go to school!  Holiday virtually over!

Still, June the twenty-somethingth is getting nearer by the day when blessed release will be granted!

I don’t suppose that I should, but I am very tempted to count the number of weeks left!

But I won’t.

Barça are playing a bottom of the table team and only drawing.  They are playing dreadfully and the poor goalkeeper had to save two successive shots one from his own team and the other from the opposition!  At least they are equal starting the second half.  I trust that they have had a pep talk and will do very much better than during the first depressing forty minutes!

Nothing from the OU Tutor today, hopefully I will have my work returned tomorrow and then the revision work via our Tutor Forum starts.  I must admit that I am looking forward to the exercises to stimulate me to something more interestingly productive than tired re-reading and trying to spot key OU-ish words to use in the exam!

The Pauls are off back to the UK tomorrow after a truly flying visit.  Still, they are coming over during August for longer and we will hopefully have more sultry weather to encourage them to visit the beach and even throw themselves in the sea!

Monday will see us revisit Terrassa to see the Monas made by Toni’s sister and to watch the kids demolish them.

I must also remember that I have little eggs to give the assembled boys tomorrow morning.  Such vicious fun!  And I am already practising my very best guilelessly innocent tone of voice asking, “And where is mine?” and then the pathetic, whipped dog face when it appears that nobody has thought to get me anything. 

I love it!
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