Sunday, April 08, 2012

The sun!

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A lazy day, with my only concerted action being a swim followed by going for lunch!

The Device was a little more successful today; I entered the pool to the music of The Pet Shop Boys and left it to the music of Mike Oldfield – both of which I could hum along to!

The weather has been splendid although the wind has been brisk.  I have lost some of the ghastly pallor which is a sad function of working in school all day and having spiteful weekends which do not incorporate the fine weather of the working week!

The Third floor has been my retreat of choice for today as I am keenly aware that the holiday is ebbing away with only tomorrow and Tuesday left.

I have done virtually no work for school and there is still some that I have to do if my return to work is not going to be frantic!

While making a cup of tea I noticed three men, well one man, one kid and one youth going through the communal bin.  Our bins must be searched at least twice a day by individuals and groups.  One man comes around on a bike with a long hooked stick which he uses to prod around in the bin; another just seems to cast a cursory look over things and only takes larger items; another group come around in a van.  They seem to be organized and I would imagine that it is a full time job checking all the bins, which in our street are emptied each day at about 7.30 in the morning.

 I am sure that this activity is actually illegal because, as soon as the rubbish is put out it is technically the property of the local council.  I suppose that councils do make money out of the waste and that it is a sort of stealing, but I for one do not begrudge these people making a living out of this disgusting occupation.  As long as the rubbish goes I don’t much care how that is done!

It is surely a sign of the times that our rubbish is so thoroughly searched!  It may also be significant that the individuals and groups doing the scavenging do not look Spanish but rather Moroccan – and that opens up a whole other matter for discussion!  But perhaps I will leave that for another time!

Although I didn’t watch the game, I understand from the unalloyed glee from a certain person sitting on the sofa that Real Madrid have drawn their match and are now a mere 4 points ahead of the saintly Barça team with a Classico coming up in two matches.  All, as they say, to play for!  The hysteria in this household will grow and grow.

I have now finished watching the first season of “Torchwood” the “Dr Who” spin off concerned with a group trying to cope with various alien incursions set, beguilingly in the City of Cardiff.  Quite apart from the delight of recognizing various locations in the city, it does have a good group of actors playing the main roles and a more than decent script to play around with.  Although not all episodes are of equal strength and many are depressingly derivative in their main narrative impulse, they all have a particular flavour which keeps the interest.  At their best these episodes are both emotionally compelling and dramatically exciting.  The script and ideas work best when they are quirky and individualistic and I am delighted to note that there are two more seasons for me to watch.

I am a bit of a Johnny come lately to this series and therefore was completely bemused when I was in Cardiff ages ago to find a wall near the water in the Docks plastered with pictures and small votive offerings of plastic flowers which were all regretting Ianto’s death and asking for his return to the series.  As I had seen none of the series I had to rely on the Pauls to fill me in with the back-story to their extraordinary display of viewer affection.  Which they did, in bewildering detail.  At least I understand a little more now!

Tomorrow to Terrassa for Carles’ Name Day and a general eating of Barça themed cakes.
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