Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Full days

Barça are one goal down in the pouring rain in Chelsea.  I do not have a good feeling about this game, but there is most of the second half to go and we shall see what happens.  I find typing good displacement activity to cope with the tension in what is a very exciting game.  If a little wearing!

Further colleagues in school have told me how shocked they have been by the recent sacking.  One teacher was bitter and angry about how it was done, but most of the others are strangely reticent about it all, probably thinking who will be next. 

I feel as if I should be doing more to help someone who seems to have been summarily dismissed in a way which invites suspicion and leaves all the rest of the staff vulnerable.  But there seems to be a very real limit to what I can do.  Everyone I know accepts what has happened as unfortunate but irreversible.

The meeting next Wednesday when we will be given the details of the reductions in our salaries will further concentrate minds and close lips!

I’m not sure that teachers in our school have actually realized that they are going to have a cut in their incomes.  They know it as a concept but I don’t think the reality has struck them and will not until the actual money disappears from their pay packets – and as this will not happen until teachers are actually on holiday they will have the whole of the two months off to forget that it happened and then they will be equally surprised when the money is taken from their December pay packet!

In Spain at the moment we are truly living in “interesting” times and I think that there is much, much more of that “interest” which is going to play itself out over the next year or so

There is a lot going on in school at the moment and there will be in the near future and the partial relaxation of the summer term (the “saving lie” of the teaching profession) has yet to kick in.

As soon as we have a breathing space the paranoia about exams will pop up and the setting, marking, evaluating process will begin again.  But at least we have started on the real countdown to escape!

And Barça have just lost 1-0 to Chelsea – but it is not over yet.  Chelsea have to come to the Nou Camp.  We will see.
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