Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not good!

A cold depressing morning, but one which appears to be lightening – which is more than I can say for my mood!

The meeting tomorrow when we are going to be told how much poorer we are (the use of the present tense is appropriate even though the money is not going to be stolen until the end of June) should be the opportunity for absolute fury to be expressed. 

Money, after all was the one element in life which united all teacher unions in howls of anguish – even the scab ones.  This was something that was real and immediate and when people spoke about it there was real passion in what they said! 

But what about the people I teach with now?  I think that they will be well behaved and docile - and I will feel like weeping!  Perhaps I am doing them an injustice and they will rise up in justified indignation.  Perhaps!

Meanwhile in the south (or possibly west) the weather (or east now I come to think about it) looks reasonable whereas where we are it looks as though it is straining to rain. 

You have to understand that my unrelenting negativity is fuelled by the horrible fact that I have to teach six lessons today. 

I know that I bang on about this every week but every week it is as if it is happening for the first time and my flesh crawls with the stomach churning anticipation of a day spent scurrying from building to building and culminating with two solid hours at the end of the day with a class of 3ESO. 

I am getting paid less by the day as the government snatches more tax and inflation takes the rest!

Though planning my extensive opera visits for next year by going through the complex prospectus last night perhaps gives the lie to my absolute indigence!

The six periods are done and I am exhausted but there is no time to relax, as I have to get in gear to support Barça in their second round game against Chelsea.  

They start the game one goal down and I think that they have a lot to do and I have just seen the team and, almost for the first time in my life, I have an opinion about the players that Pep is using and the formation that he has decided on!  I am not at all convinced by his decisions and I think that it has sealed the fate of the team and they will not be going to the final.  I hope that I am wrong but I am shocked at the dispositions of the players.  But there again, what the hell do I know about anything connected with football!

The line-up I saw was obviously speculation and there was a much more sensible disposition for the start of the game.  The first half has been gripping with Barça scoring twice but, disastrously Chelsea scored just before half time and that means that the score line is level but Chelsea will win on away goals if this score stands.  Things are tense here in Castelldefels as we wait for the second half to start!

And here we go!  The second half!

Bloody disaster!  

Even Torres scored!  

Bloody disaster!  

Drogba has become my pet hatred; he is a repulsive player, unsporting and vile.  His ostentatious praying was also deeply offensive and indeed hypocritical given the way he plays.  Chelsea has my malediction as it goes into the final.

Messi was awful and the team with god knows how much possession did little or nothing.  Messi’s missed penalty spelt the death of Barça’s hopes.  Considering how little I really like football I am shocked at how depressed I feel.  It was awful and, together with the crap display of football that Barça served up for the Barça v. Real Madrid game it has been a bad time for fans – and even for me!

Never mind, I can think about tomorrow and the money which is going to be snatched from my salary. 

A truly comforting thought.

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