Monday, March 19, 2012

Blooming lightly

Surely no day can be counted wasted when you have planted four flowers of the clearest plastic lit with a colour changing solar powered LED?

Never let it be said that I could not use a day off to the full.  And what is a day without spending; therefore a little light buying of yet more solar lights and the day can settle down nicely.

The handbook of the car, in English, arrived a couple of weeks after the purchase: but it was for the wrong car.  Another five days before the real handbook arrives - in a language I can fully understand.  Though I have to admit that proficiency in a given language is not necessarily a guarantee that you will understand a handbook in that language which purports to tell you how to work a complex machine!

Now, I have to admit that handbooks about anything, let alone cars, have never been my favourite reading.  I still have not raised the bonnet of my new car – though why I should want to look at the engine I do not know – and I do not know how to raise the bonnet anyway.  My only technical concern is not with the car at all, but rather with the music system.

When a CD is being played there should be, at the pressing of a button, information about the track appearing on the screen on the dashboard.  But it doesn’t and only the track number is displayed.  I have gone back to the showroom but the lady who sold me the car was unable to get any more information on the screen than I.  This is a problem which will need more attention.

I am informed that there is a special “link” which can (at great expense) be purchased from Toyota which will send all information to the screen.  When I asked the price of the link the woman looked shocked and said it was too expensive!  Honest, if disconcerting!

I am still (!) enjoying driving the car and still (!) watching the central image of battery/engine in an attempt to drive in an energy efficient way.  At the end of every journey when you push the button to turn the car off (!) a little graphic appears telling you how ecological the drive was!  Something else to worry about!

At least tomorrow is a Tuesday and that means that our week is only four days long.  And then one more full week and the Easter Holidays.

Each day from now to the holidays is going to be an achievement.

Which is not to say that the remaining days are without their individual interest.  We are soon going to take forward a project-based approach to school teaching through year specific projects; lesson observation - for the first time in this school; two after school endless meetings; a group change over, and of course normal teaching and the ordinary life of the school. 

And nine working days for all this delight to happen!

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