Sunday, October 30, 2016

Still don't believe they've allowed it!


Toni is now suffering his own version of Brexigret, as the horrible realization of the action of the so-called ‘socialist’ (sic.) party of PSOE has, by abstaining, facilitated another four years of the systemically corrupt PP (Conservative) party in Spain.
            Neither Toni nor I believe (for a single, solitary second) that either the Cs or PSOE are going to ‘hold PP to account’ because of their own selfish self-interest.  PP may be a minority government, but they can always threaten another General Election which would almost certainly see a reduction in the seats of both Cs and also PSOE.  And since neither Cs nor PSOE have been noted for their dedication to anything other than the continued existence of their respective parties and their illusions of power, it is hardly likely after their prostitution to PP that they will suddenly find a new belief that they might actually have been elected to consider the wellbeing of the country rather than their worthless selves.
            Cs – the sluts of Spanish politics – have shown themselves equally ready to accept the attentions of the ‘socialists’ in the form of PSOE and to vote with the repressive conservatives of PP.  As long as they have a whiff of power Cs will be rubbing themselves around you!  They have mouthed their support for greater transparency and dealing with corruption; it will be interesting to see how far they press their ‘tricks’ in PP to follow their stated policy which apparently makes them a viable and more wholesome alternative to the
            PSOE have wound themselves in logistical circles to justify their support for a government to which they had previously said, “No is NO!”  If another member of that traitorous party uses some unconvincing variant on the, “it is for the benefit of the Spanish people” mantra one more time, I really will throw up.
            PSOE is also terrified of another election, when the “benefit of the Spanish people” might actually result in even more of those so-called ‘socialists’ being turfed out.  So PP can do whatever the hell they like because all they have to do is threaten another election and the Cs and PSOE will scuttle into line.

I have taken my depression with the political situations in Spain and the UK to justify my drinking a bottle of Cava with my meal: a brut nature by Heretat El Padruell.  As any fule kno, Cava is a product of Catalonia, a region of Spain that I confidently expect to see much further down the road to independence as the prospect of four more years of the odious PP in charge sinks in and the reality of an astonishingly corrupt central government calling the odds hits home!

The sun has been shining.  I have swum my metric mile.  The Cava has gone down a treat.  Tomorrow is another day.
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