Wednesday, October 26, 2016

No more sniffles!

Enough with the natural approach to getting rid of my various aliments: it’s time to drug up!
            A short (and expensive) trip to our local pharmacy and I am now armed with Vic Vapour Rub (one of those treatments from childhood which, even if it doesn’t work, gives comfort); throat pastilles from Pranarom which taste nasty enough to be doing something and, finally, Gelocatil which is another name for Paracetamol.  I have also taken a Lemsip powder (donated by Emma before she left) I therefore consider myself to have done everything that a concerned (and snuffling) person could possibly do to get something like better.
            But, how can I possibly improve my general situation with what is going on in political terms in Spain!
            The Central Committee of PSOE (the so-called Socialist party of Spain) has decided to abstain in the next vote for the investiture of the walking joke who terms himself the president of Spain.  We have been without a government for months and two successive General Elections have not resolved the problem of any of the parties gaining an overall majority.  PP (the systemically corrupt Conservative party of Spain) has been continuing the process of government as a ‘Government in functions’ and with the support of C’s and the abstentions of the ‘Socialists’ they will gain the majority of those voting to continue their corrupt way through the financial life of Spain.
            The Socialists have said that their cowardly, selfish and traitorous abstentions are, of course, of course, naturally, for the benefit of Spain.  They do not want a third General Election (especially as they would almost certainly lose even more seats after their disgustingly vacillating attitudes) and, incidentally after the ‘ruling’ party of PP suggested that the date of the third election if it was forced to be held would be set for the 25th of December!  And no, that is not a joke.
            The Socialists have also pointed out that the new PP government would be a minority one and that the socialists (they do not deserve a capital letter) would be able to hold them to strict account.
            For me, PSOE has been parochial.  They have cared much more about the future of their party than they have of the people they are supposed to represent.  The Catalan Socialists have said that they are going to vote against Rajoy.  The leader of the Catalan Socialists has pointed out that his party, PSC, is not the enemy of PSOE, Rajoy is and he does not look to split from PSOE.  The discussions within the party should be of the vicious internecine nature that characterises most left wing discussions!
            Having got rid of one leader, the socialists seem to be veering towards the deeply unpleasant leader of the socialists in Andalucía – one of the ruthless Barons of the socialist party who has many questions of her own to answer about the way in which she has behaved in public office.
            In all, the situation in Spain is politically, socially and financially dire.  There is no real reason for optimism.  The only positive point that I can see about the present position of Spain is that it has not descended to the level of idiocy of indulging in its own version of Spexit!
            Four more years of the appalling PP under the walking Joke of Rajoy will, almost certainly, boost the move for independence within Catalonia and, although I am in theory in favour of a united Spain, the idea that a corrupt and corrupting government, supported by cynical abstentions by sections of a cowardly socialist party, continues its version of ‘government’ for further four years is unthinkable.  If a Rajoy government is something that PP, Cs and sections of PSOE and the Spanish people generally can accept as democratic and suitable for a suffering country, then it is time for Catalonia to consider its position and work to break away from the corrupt shackles of Spanish politics and the Spanish state.

What a sorry state of affairs in both my countries: Britain with the Conservatives under May trying to make the best of the self inflicted wound of Brexit (which they also facilitated) and the horrific group of seditious thieves that make up the Conservative ‘government’ of Spain.  God help us all!
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