Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Complications of imaginary friends

Just when you think that the Roman Catholic church couldn’t be even more irrelevant that it has made itself in the way that it has institutionalised religion and ignored the concerns of what might be termed the real world, its current response to a world racked with discord, disunity, disenfranchisement, disgust with existing political structures and grotesque inequality is to prohibit the scattering of ashes to the winds, seas and anywhere other than in an approved sacred site.  And in fact not scattering them at all.  Certainly not keeping them at home.  And anyway good Roman Catholics should be buried.
            Never mind injustice, poverty, hunger and war, the richest religious organization in the world makes a big announcement about ashes of the dead.  If it weren’t so gloriously irrelevant to what is happening in the world and how people behave it would be funny. 
But it isn’t.  Funny, that is. 
It is a calculated insult to what is actually happening and is an ecclesiastical two fingers to modern life.  Why worry about inequality and the declining position of the poor and disadvantaged in the world when you can make up a questionable piece of religious ‘law’ from a “make it up on the spur of the moment” committee of corrupt over-privileged out-of-touch cardinals?  Why not make a sensitive area of personal life dealing with the death of loved ones something subject to the prying attention of the princes of the Church?  Contemptible is not the word for it.

And talking of priest-ridden countries, Spain continues along its path to destruction with the restoration to full government of the bunch of corrupt thieves which form the government, and let us not forget that one minister of this same rogue group actually awarded the police medal to . . . wait for it . . . The Virgin Mary!  You couldn’t make it up!  And don’t get me started on the tax situation of the Roman Church in this country.  But let it pass, let it pass.  Which I certainly won’t!

However, let me get on to something more immediate and more uplifting.
            What patient does not want to hear his doctor (I’m talking about mine so the masculine personal pronoun is accurate and not sexist) tell him that he doesn’t want to see him for another year?  And shakes his hand after reading through the results of a blood test!  I had to wonder when he told me that the next scheduled time for an appointment to see me will be when I need another flu jab in a year’s time, was more to do with the fact that I nag him about his smoking rather than concern about my health.  We did have a bet: I would lose weight and he would give up smoking if I hit my target.  I hit my target, and he prevaricated!  So, there is always a possibility that he is putting me on hold while he continues his bad habits.  I have to say that I don’t really believe that, his delight at my results was unfeigned!
            Meanwhile my cold and sore throat is ranging a little further than my own body.  Toni’s family has now succumbed and he himself is not feeling well.  I hope it isn’t so, but I fear that Emma has the starting of the symptoms as well.  That makes a total hit so far of ten, including myself.  I have yet to hear how Irene is – but double figures is some achievement.  I think I am getting better (though that may be self delusion) so the illness could be a four or five day thing.  I hope.

My new phone, the Mi Max continues to please.  The size makes reading my Guardian app much easier and I find it easy to hold and use.  My only problem is finding the right wallpaper app which I insist has to change its picture each time I turn the phone on.  I don’t really care that much about what sort of picture it is, but I do want a different one.  And that is something I am working on. 
And it takes my mind off phlegm!
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