Monday, December 28, 2015

More of the same!

I may not live in Britain these days, but I do hope that the vile Conservative government has not taken a leaf out of the viler PP government in Spain and refused free medical treatment to their citizens working abroad who have returned for the Christmas holidays to see their families in Spain.

I am sure if the mean-minded and pettily vicious IDS had anything to do with it then he will have lost no opportunity to urge David Cameron (assuming DC has managed to drag himself and half the Cabinet away from the Christmas Festivities provided by his friend the vile Rupert Murdock - though I have to admit that mere derogatory adjectives fail to capture the true rotten flavour of that octogenarian 'American' – to persecute (you still with me on this epic sentence?) those in a less fortunate situation than his affluent self!

How has Cameron's attendance at the court of one of the most unpleasant media oligarchs in the world today, especially after Murdock's recent court cases and evidence to parliamentary committees, gone down with the British public? Has he been taken to task for openly consorting with such an unsavoury character? Has he been asked why he thinks he can treat the public (who have been misled, lied to and ripped off by this ogre of the airways) with such cavalier contempt that he can ignore the disgust that we feel to see him (even him) in such low company? It is truly amazing what an overall majority can do for your view of the poor bloody infantry that actually put votes in the ballot boxes, as opposed to the rich and unscrupulous who couldn't give a shit about us, but have plenty of money to put into party coffers.

I relish a story told to me by the late Dave Phillips who related the experience of a hapless Conservative candidate canvassing in a Labour stronghold in Wales. He knocked on a door and told the man who answered that he represented the Conservative Party. The man looked at him and asked him to wait for a moment while he fetched his son. He reappeared with his son and then spat at the Conservative and said to his son, “That's how you treat all Conservatives!”

Now, as a wishy-washy liberal, I cannot possibly condone spitting, not only is it a form of violence, but it is also unhygienic! But, god knows, I do understand the vehemence of the response to the generality of Conservatives (with some honourable exceptions who escape my mind for the moment) especially during times of crisis and real human need when it is all too easy to illustrate the complacent attitude of those in power in the Conservative Party (in whatever country) and with money, with those outside who have little or none.

The political situation within Catalonia is just as complicated as that in Spain. The present President did not have a majority in the election to retain his majority and so will have to pact with another party if he is to be re-elected. The problem is although Mas (the President) is plausible, he is also an old school politician whose past includes his being very, very close to an ex-President who is now being prosecuted for fraud and deception. The sort of fraud and deception that the political parties at the time knew about, indeed there is even a piece of film where one politician warns him that his 3% 'commission' that he took would come back to haunt him. Now it has (and the rest of his mafia-like family too) and Mas must have known about it and said nothing. At this stage in the development of Catalonia to have a president who is likely to be charged with something in the near future is not something which we need to be landed with. A left wing party has stated that they would oppose his establishment as president and they have held strong up till now and resolutely refused to back him. The result of this is we in Catalonia do not have a president, in the same way that Spain is without one too.

CUP (the party which opposes Mas) has had a convention today in which some 3,000 members of the party have voted three times on whether to support Mas. The first two votes were 'No', and the third was an exact tie! It all sounds fishy to me, but there you are! We are living in more than interesting times!

Tomorrow the old President of Spain (who remains in office until a successor is elected) is having talks with C's and Podemos. It will be interesting to see what comes out of that and what the leaders of both parties have to say at the end of their meetings with Bromo. We can months of meetings and suggestions before the limit runs out and we have to have another election. I still do not trust either of the main political parties, PP and PSOE, not to sink their differences and unit to preserve their status as the 'power' in Spain in a desperate attempt to keep alive the phantom that bipartisan politics is still a possibility. They are both corrupt and have a lot to lose if their stranglehold on the country is weakened and from their shameless activity in the past they show quite clearly that they are prepared to do anything they possibly can to keep their parasitic suckers deep in the public purse. Anything is possible.

Meanwhile, I might chance a swim tomorrow if my coughing gets less, even if it doesn't it might be a good idea. The only horror is that the kids are going to be swarming around and, even more horrifically until the 11th of January! Now that I am no longer in school, I can't wait for the kids to return and get off the streets and out of the shops and into a secure environment where they do not interfere with normal human life!

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