Sunday, June 15, 2014

Me? Cynical?

At my most cynical, I could say that the present situation in the World Cup (which FIFA has trademarked) means that, with any luck both England and Spain could be out by the end of the Group Stages and there would be no further point in watching the month-long tedium of this most corrupt of sports.

            Although that is a moot point.  Cricket has shown itself to be ideal for match fixing and the Third World (or the Developing World as we are now supposed to say, though I don't think that any less condescending) has managed to make umpteen billions out of crooked betting on mind-bendingly boring matches.  That does, you have to admit, add a certain zing of the forbidden to an otherwise arcane-like (that was the only adjectival alternative that Word allowed, though 'arcane' is an adjective already - oh dear, caught by my own ignorance) piece of self-indulgence.  F1 racing need not make us pause for a moment: anything which has that repulsive white-haired dwarf in charge is obviously terminally corrupt.  Baseball is still haunted by the fixing of the World Series in nineteen-hundred and something – and so we can go on for all the sports.

            You only have to look at the governing bodies of sports to realise that any thoughts of sport for sport’s sake is a remote possibility.  In a charmingly sexist moment in one of his novels, Dickens refers to ‘old women of both sexes’; in a similar vein I would characterise the faces of sport government as ‘old, white, middle-aged, middle class men’ of all races, classes, sexes and ages.  Corrupt to their very finger tips: if not in terms of money and raw power then certainly in terms of perceived status and self importance.

            FIFA is, of course pre-eminent in terms of barefaced arrogance and illegality.  The only reason that such a rotten organization based itself in Switzerland was that there was no bribery law in operation until relatively recently – though laws, of course do not hinder the machinations of this body which makes the Mafia look like a WI Knitting Circle.

            The only decent course open to World Football is for every national sports’ organization to withdraw their membership and look towards founding another organization which has some sort of reasonable ethos behind its charter.  Blatter is a petty dictator who gains ‘friends’ and ‘influence’ by spending other people’s money to ensure that the “”good and the great”” (double inverted commas seems somehow inadequate to highlight the twisted definitions that FIFA uses in its lofty pronouncements) keep to the status quo, their stipends and the swamp of illegality that makes the organization the hated symbol of self-promotion that it is today.

            Brazilian police have arrested high profile demonstrators who have been working against the promotion of the completely false façade that FIFA and the Brazilian government has tried to drape over the chaotic and corrupt preparations for the World Cup.  Why was it that the England-Italy game was allowed to proceed when not one, NOT ONE, of the trial events to test the security and preparedness of the stadium demanded by FIFA actually took place?  Why is a high-handed non-tax paying self-justifying band of criminals allowed to get away with this?

            The answer is always money of course.  And with The Crisis showing no real signs of letting up the usual hidden, chummy corruption of the moneyed classes has burst out into the open and the political classes are scurrying about trying to hide the blatant evidence of their own wrongdoing.

            Take, for example, the ex-king of Spain – the widely despised King Juan Carlos (serial philanderer, elephant killer, hypocrite and blood sucker).  His private life is scandalous; his financial doings questionable; his attitude towards ‘his’ people contemptible; his attitude towards ‘justice is the same for everyone’ laughable; his hands ever open to take what he does not earn. 

            At the moment his just desserts are in abeyance because he is titular head of state and therefore ‘beyond’ justice.  As an abdicated king, he would be open to prosecution and quite a few mothers asking for him to take responsibility for his alleged children.  So what does our ‘government’ do?  Well, the two main political parties can see their easy ‘governance’ of Spain slipping from their corrupt little fingers, so the PP (a laughably right-wing bunch of crooks) and PSOE (an even more laughable bunch of so-called socialists) come together and stitch up a new law which keeps a king in place and gives the old discredited king the status of ‘king’ which allows him to continue to be above the law which he himself (in a much repeated piece of film) said was the same for everyone, but of course, he meant for ‘every one of you and not for me and my family.’

            All of this is happening during the aftermath of the European elections, while the world cup is going on, and while everyone is looking forward to the summer holidays.  There are five more days with the students in schools and then the customary days when the teachers should be able to prepare for the coming term in September, but will in fact be condemned to completely pointless ‘meetings’ which sap life and give you a clear view of what a Jean Paul Sartre hell might be like.

            Relentless negativity is wearing, isn’t it?  But it keeps me sane.

            The weather is not wonderful, but it isn’t raining.  I have just had an excellent pasta for lunch and I still have plenty of reading material to keep me going until our ‘holiday’ in the UK.

            Life may not be ‘good’ in all (or indeed any) political respects, but it keeps me happy!
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