Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day of Shame!

Our anti-monarchical flag has been flying defiantly throughout the day and I have refused to look at any scenes of the lanky Bourbon pretending that his new ‘position’ is anything other than a crushing denial of the democratic pretentions of a politically bankrupt nation.  To say nothing of the obscene amount of money spent on this ridiculous sham at a time of national crisis.

            Of course the expulsion of Spain from the World Cup has been (and indeed, is) of more significance than a member of the moneyed classes dressing up in strange clothes and laughing at the peasants in the ruling party of PP fawning on his accession.

            I do recognize that the status of the Germanic dwarf in the UK would probably be confirmed if her position was ever opened to real public discussion, and I have to admit that (little thanks to her) there is much more transparency about the ludicrous costs of the so-called royal family than there is in Spain, where the information made available to the public is laughable.  Still, Spain did have an opportunity to take the discussion to another level and they bottled out. 

Perhaps when the GD finally has the good grace to shuffle of this moral coil and the public are faced with the awful reality of her appalling son ascending the throne they might actually think about the way in which they are governed for once, and finally decide that the Royal House of Wettin (which is what the laughable House of Windsor should truly be known as) is finally consigned to history where it so richly deserves to languish.

            It is true that the governing (sic!) PP party are the ultimate practitioners of the bread-and-circuses approach to deflecting serious discussion about anything of importance.  What is the world cup but the ultimate mask for the rich, powerful and unscrupulous to do what they do best and screw the rest of us!

            This bile could go on spilling for pages, but I should try and regulate my rants.  If only for the benefit of my health!

            I am much looking forward to our visit to the UK and especially to the meal on the Saturday night that looks as though it is going to be attended by a goodly group of friends.

            My revised chapbook of poems from the OU course that I have just taken has taken a step nearer to reality as, after extensive excavations in the storage area under the eves, I have rediscovered the long-armed stapler - without which the production of semi-professional booklets is impossible.  Indeed the number of pages in the booklet means that its realization is at the outer limits of the technology that I have at my disposal.  However publication of some sort is immanent.

            I have now brought the flag inside, it is after sunset after all, and the point has been made – and I am not at all convinced by the case for Catalan independence  - and anyway, I would have been much happier with a Spanish Republican flag.  Which I am determined to buy and use at a later date.

            Tomorrow the viewing of a flat.  There is no way that I can afford to buy one, but it is interesting to see what is on offer.  And I can’t wait for the laughable offers of finance that they might offer to a person of my age!

            Another experience to look forward to.  And something to write about of course.


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