Thursday, June 19, 2014

A missed opportunity!

Try as I might (and I did) I cannot get hold of a Spanish republican flag.  Castelldefels is not a hotbed of radical political activity and the best I could come up with was a Catalan independence flag.  Bought from a Chinese shop.  The irony is too cruel to be articulated!

            The reason I need a flag of some sort is because tonight at midnight the discredited Bourbon who has flounced about fornicating and killing elephants will be officially not-king-but-king.  This idiotic situation was obviously fabricated by the supinely Papist government (remember the police medal was awarded to The Virgin Mary by a minister) to reflect the situation of the double popes we (they) now have.  But at least Pope Francis was elected.  Which is more than can be said for Philip VI who will be acclaimed king in some ornate ceremony in parliament, at an expense which mocks The Crisis; the unemployment figures; the risible minimum wage, and the feeling in the country, in which a majority wants a referendum about the monarchy.

            So when the pomp and circumstance of this piece of anti-democratic window dressing for the corrupt regime using our money to pay for it all it going on, I intend to show my displeasure by having the Catalan independence flag flying, which by implication is against the monarchy.  I will check with my friends and find a republican flag which I will fly at every occasion when this new parasite does anything of national irrelevance – which after all is his ‘job’.

            And to top all of this, Spain has just been knocked out of the World Cup.  I would like to think that this is a fully justified response to the almost terminal corruption of FIFA – but the truth is that in the two games that I have seen they have played as if their bodies were drones being controlled by neophyte American pizza delivery boys who only had a sketchy idea of what was going on and were drunk.  Toni has just informed me that Spain now has the more than dubious honour of being the first team out of the World Cup.  After winning the bloody thing the last time.  This will be seen as a national disgrace.  A fitting accompaniment to the country’s acceptance of an unelected hereditary monarch as their head of state.

            In the last world cup, after the disgraceful behaviour of the French team, when they were kicked out they were flown home steerage to emphasise the anger that people felt about their petulance.  Toni’s suggestion is that the Spanish team be sent home by bus.  A good suggestion I think, especially if the link between Alaska and Russia is not iced over.  After all global warming has not been helped by the ostentatious cars that the overpaid footballers parade themselves in; it is only fair that they should suffer from the global warming that they, with their careless lifestyle have helped exacerbate.

            I, by the way, am perfect and without spot.  And I drive a hybrid car.  So there.

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