Thursday, November 22, 2012

Old times!

The weather has now taken on a form of malevolent vindictiveness that I can only call personal in the way that it has assaulted me throughout my stay in Wales.  The freezing drizzle that greeted me in Bristol Airport has now developed into driving rain lashing against the house with all the gusto that near gale force winds can give it.  Flood warnings abound and Toni cackles with maniacal laughter as he regales me with descriptions of the balmy conditions in Castelldefels!

I have to console myself with the compulsive buying of anything I can get my hands on to compensate for the helio-debt that is being racked up as I continue my stay in this sodden country.

So far I have been relatively modest in my gadget acquisitions with only a pair of Wi-Fi headphones, four coat hooks, a mini umbrella, a pair of zoom binoculars and a pair of braces making up my haul!

I have discovered that in purely Tesco point’s terms I am rich beyond the dreams of avarice.  Whenever I come to the UK and whenever I shop in the larger stores I always tender my points cards in spite of the fact that I rarely get to see any indication of what benefits might accrue to me.  Today the full extent of my spending in Tesco and my consequent gains in points was graphically exhibited by the astonishment of the salesperson as she gasped out the information that had a stored total of 4,300 points!

The bother of getting these five-year’s worth of points translated into something spendable was a little complicated by the realization of head office that my points “scheme” was woefully out of date and would have to be translated into something more contemporary for me to gain.  Two telephone calls (courtesy of the information desk in Tesco Pengam) later I was informed that my newly discovered gains would be sent to my British “address” in Rumney and therefore fall into the grasping hands of the Pauls who have been sworn to respect the sanctity of any riches-laden envelope from Tesco addressed to me at their house!

Yesterday we had a “light supper” with Haydn – whose concept of “light” certainly does not match my own – which was absolutely delicious.  We were given a masterly version of one of his mother’s recipes for a chicken dish which was distinctly Moroccan and he has promised to give me the recipe and I think that I will hold him to that!

As Paul had school the next day they left before midnight, but Haydn and I continued talking about the finer points of Anglican theology.  Ah, such things I miss!

This evening is a night in – and I must say that we need it!  If only to allow our kidneys to re-group and prepare themselves for the rigors of two more dinners on Friday and Saturday!

Toni’s umbrella is now safely bought and already packed so I can enjoy the rest of my time in the UK!

Paul Squared has prepared a spaghetti Bolognese which I am going to try and eat without red wine.  Fat chance!

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