Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rain again!

My well-deserved rest after a whole day in school was rudely broken up by a telephone call from my last head of department who is feeling somewhat stressed after a fortnight without a teacher and no clear idea of when he will return.  It has been suggested that I take the place of the ill one.  That is an on-going concern and nothing has been decided yet.  The question of time and how long I might be expected to be there is of primary concern and I am waiting for clarification either tonight or perhaps tomorrow.

Today has been a time for the buying of essentials and restocking the fridge and muttering imprecations against the foul weather which seems to have followed me to Spain.

My OU work has not been foremost in my mind over the past few days and it is just as well that I got well ahead of myself before my little jaunt to Wales – but tomorrow must see me at my books again.

After the “tutorial” on Saturday we have been set into groups, I for example am now a proud member of Team Green and we have the task of creating a Wiki utilizing a couple of designated texts to produce a page for an audience of arts students.  This is all fine and wonderful, but the work that has to be done needs us, as a group, to decide on which two of the five texts that are on offer to use.  So far, since the tutorial, only three of our group of seven have actually written anything on our Wiki Forum and only two of us have come close to suggesting texts.  This is one of the frustrating elements of working with a group which is scattered around Europe!

We have five days left to decide.  I will panic on day four.
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