Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A small thing but our own!

I know that, by now I should have grown out of such things but one just goes into overdrive when the cultural status of one’s country is called into question.

It all started with the Electric Submarine – not, as you might think some late sixties early seventies pop group but the actual thing itself.  It turns out, and I am compelled to accept it as some sort of truth, that it might be that the first fully electric submarine might possibly have some degree of Catalan involvement in its production.  I have had this thrown in my face for so long that I was finally goaded to look up a list of Great British Inventions and so began the long trading of one national invention against another.

In what was a remarkable piece of information for me I actually exacerbated the discussion by finding a web site which actually suggested that one of the most famous inventions of the Spanish was Coca-Cola!

You will have to look at the “right” web sites for confirmation, but the one that I looked at ( also included the beret, table football, fish and chips, the mop, sherry, the acoustic guitar and chess!

After this onslaught I was forced to bring in the Big Guns of British inventions where the invention of the postage stamp was one of the more trivial brainwaves when taking radar, the jet engine and the locomotive into consideration – not counting what one site claimed at the greatest British invention, namely The United States of America!

Toni, thereupon changed tack and started to claim Catalan inventions and demanded to know what Wales had given the world.

It turns out that our greatest single invention was the equals sign.

Although I could (and did) point out to Toni that, without the invention of that particular mathematical point the computer on which he was typing would not exist – he seemed particularly unimpressed!

Greater research is needed!

No packing has been done, but Toni’s zest for organization has reached new heights in the reordering of what used to be the chaos of the Third Floor.

My loose CDs are now securely packed into more professional looking cases with even room for expansion!

A structure has been created for my laptop to act as a sort of screen for my studies and I have been forced (forced!) to buy a new wireless keyboard (with integrated touch pad) to make the new sophisticated set up work.  God alone knows what new excesses of reorganization will have been put into effect by the time I get back to Castelldefels after my time in the UK!

After the last few days it is just as well that I am ahead of the official schedule as the variety of trips that we have made to the various shops selling things like door handles, wood, drawers, CD holders and things of that sort have been almost without number.  And have certainly taken up time.

On the positive side the house is getting back into some sort of state of reasonable repair as all the niggling jobs are steadily getting done – though at what cost!  Not necessarily in terms of cash but certain when the amount of time spent on the most trivial of tasks is counted up.

I look on all of it as displacement activity to stop my packing.

Which must be done by Thursday evening because the flight to Bristol is at a reasonably early hour.

The grey suit will have to be packed yet again!  It is truly having something of an outing this year!
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