Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A little something

An excellent lunch in Barcelona at a Chinese restaurant where there wasn’t the usual stuff simmering in a serried row of bain marries, but rather a series of containers with fresh ingredients which the customer could hand over to the chef for him to cook.  Delicious.  And healthy as I treated the nice fried bits of Chinese food with horrified distain and restricted myself to fresh vegetables, seafood and fish.

In the interest of total accuracy I also have to admit that I had a chocolate covered chocolate ice cream on a stick as well, but surely the vegetables outweigh the evil of nice calories.  Don’t they?

I am now concerned about the material for the OU course not arriving.  I have decided that tomorrow is the day which I expect them to arrive (though I have to admit that I more than half expected them today) and they should then be available for me to read on the plane on my flying visit to the UK at the end of the week.

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