Monday, October 15, 2012

What next?

Catalan television is full of Independence and how to break away from Spain.  Programme after programme has the typical simultaneous shouting that passes for discussion in this part of the world!

More and more Catalans who I know are now stating with growing vehemence that they was to separate from the rest of Spain.

The Spanish government, led by the derisory incompetent liar Rajoy, seems to be going out of its way to antagonize the Catalans.  The latest piece of inconsiderate idiocy had one of he Spanish ministers talking about the “Spanishization” of Catalan children.  Sensitivity seems to have been sucked out of all the members of the ruling PP party.  They almost seem to be taunting the Catalans to try and do their worst.

The present political “leader” of Spain could well be presiding over the break up of the country.  There is no way that Catalonia would get independence without the Basque Country following.  And that just about winds it up for the rest of Spain.

I don’t think that the general population of the country realises just how near to almost total chaos and financial and political meltdown we really are.

Exciting times, but I would rather be reading about them in history rather than living through them!

I am still remembering little incidents described in “Events, Dear Boy, Events” which I cannot recommend too highly – and with my Kindle I can carry it about with me with no extra weight!

I have my books I can regard this unfolding catastrophe with a certain degree of detachment.  But my life is now here in Barcelona and the country in which I settled is not the one which seems to be developing day by day in a bankrupt country.

Though I have to say you have to look fairly carefully to see any real signs of El Crisis; bars and restaurants are full and the shops seem to be doing big business.  Just go into an electronics shop and people do not seem to be stopping their buying spree for anything with a touch screen!

Rajoy is becoming known in Europe as a byword for prevarication and he tries to disguise the aid which is needed to keep the country afloat.  The only clarity is that no one really knows what state the country is going to be in by the end of the year.  It is genuinely terrifying. 

But life goes on.

I look forward to my learning material from the OU as a sign and symbol of some sort of normality!
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