Friday, October 05, 2012

The reason

It says something for the mildness of the climate at this date in October that the swimming pool roof was partially retracted for my mid morning swim.  I berated roundly by the cleaning lady for arriving for my swim later than normal – but I, quite legitimately had been doing my self-imposed tasks for which I managed to pay only 50c for a parking place in the centre of town.  Result!

Since being given a business card by an educational colleague I have been twisted with bitterness and shame that I did not have one to give in exchange.  I have therefore ordered my own to be produced by a firm in the centre of town.  They will, alas, be pale reflections of the multi-coloured mini-masterpieces that I have seen, but it is at least a start.

And don’t get me started on making your own with the specially produced programs and pre-cut cards which you can pay at reasonable cost.  I have spent more man-hours trying to do the simple version than I care to think about!

I have given the basic information that I need on such a card to the printers and have already been presented with two variations – neither of which I like, but both of which have elements which can be blended to produce something satisfactory.  It is also astonishing how many minor points that need changing on something so fundamentally simple!

Dinner with Irene and an extended session of setting the world to rights and convincing each other that we are the people to do it.  Such sessions are essential for the maintenance of mental health!

Roll on tomorrow.
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