Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I feel as if I have known the Brownlee Brothers since they were splashing around in the garden plastic pool, toddling around in their nappies and trolling about on trikes – in fact, I have known about them since this morning.

That did not, however, stop me from committing to their race with total idiocy – at one point putting a cushion on my head in a desperate gesture redolent of some sort of ritualistic sympathetic magic to help the brothers.  The fifteen-second penalty for one (or possibly the other) brother was almost unbearable, but the end result of a Spaniard getting a silver in between the GB gold and bronze was more than acceptable for domestic peace!

At present we (!) have matched the total number of gold that we (!) got in Beijing.  We are still short of the total number of medals we (!) had then but that looks doable, so virtually anything from now on in would be a bonus.

Silvers look on the cards, with a real possibility of a few more golds.  This is unbelievable – and the Olympic FDC Album looks as though it could be quite a substantial volume.  I will have to phone the Pauls and get them to bring a couple of new albums with them when they come over in a few days time.

It is now reasonably late on Tuesday and GB have 22 golds and have reached the lower target figure for total number of medals set at 48.  As you can tell I am generally obsessed by the BBC medal website and their “live” notes about what is going on in the Olympics and Toni has just about reached the limit of his tolerance of my wittering on and on about what we have managed to achieve.

Life does go on, but I feel a certain panic when I am separated from my computer for any length of time!

After tomorrow I will start worrying about the Closing Ceremony!
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