Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is there life afterwards? (Rhetorical.)

No pressure – but Spain are playing the USA in basketball. 

I do not like the sport and I especially dislike the American ball players who seem to have all of the petty arrogance of football players but without their style.  And yes, I am being ironic.
It is difficult to choose any one aspect which irritates me the most: is it the ridiculous matey touchy-feely skin-on-skin rituals before during and after their plays; the absurd secondary sexual characteristics of extraneous tufts of hair that many of them sport; the vulgarity of the body graffiti they display; the ludicrous names they flaunt; the constant stopping of the clock – who knows, but I loathe the thing.

However, Spain are the only country which can stop the Americans in their relentless occupancy of the House of Gold for this sport and so they have my full and unalloyed support.  The score 30-21 is not looking good for Spain but there is still time.  I hope.

Toni has now started the more extreme aspect of his diet before the examination on Monday.  He is now confined for the best part of 30 hours to water and orange juice.  And he has Other Drinks this evening which is why I will be going to pick up the Pauls alone!

My swims continue with my magical luck of empty lanes for my up-and-down approach to the pool.  Today there were two people in My lane, but they left almost as soon as I entered the water: a rare display of consideration – or perhaps it was merely the backwash!

My twenty-minute swim is now becoming a necessity, my day does not seem right if I delay or do without.  Which is what it used to be like in the UK.  Which is a good thing isn’t it?

Spain lost (because of the refs according to Toni) and had to be satisfied with the silver medal.  The Games are virtually over with only the Modern Thingie to go with our interest running to shoot, so to speak.  It would be great if someone was able to get a gold to take our total up to 30 – but that is pure and simple greed in my desire to get the greatest number of FDCs for my collection!

Paul has phoned and the plane is allegedly on time so they should be touching down at about 9.30 pm. 


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