Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Back to normal

A tedious day which, in spite of my repeated recourse to the computer, failed to produce a single medal for Team GB.  Quite frankly I feel cheated; with that amount of key tapping and worried scanning we ought really to have had at least a bronze.  It better be different tomorrow!

Life, as I used to know it, goes on with Toni visiting dentists and doctors being ferried by me and then my making full use of my Kindle which seems to be purpose built to cope with the tedium of waiting rooms.

For some reason my credit card has not worked with the powers that be in Kindle so my fourteen-day free trial of The Independent has been terminated. 

I must admit that I did feel a trifle underhand taking The Independent at all as I really am a confirmed Guardian reader and so now I have started a fourteen day free trial for the paper with which I feel most comfortable.  As if to welcome me home there was a sly dig at The Daily Mail and the journalistic arms reached out and took me back into the family!

To be accurate, I do have The Guardian sent to my I-pad but I find that I am not reading it as assiduously as I do on the Kindle so I will have to cancel one and extend the other.  I like the idea of catching up on world news on the Kindle after completing my daily swim!

I was forced from my wide lane to a “funnel” lane next to it when teachers of the little ones started encroaching on my water when constructing the floats and obstacles for the little ones to scamper across through over and under.  I dislike the funnel lanes because they are difficult to judge and invariably I scrape my arms when they narrow.  It is the first time that I have been a public pool which seems to have a policy of one V-shaped lane for individual swimmers. 

Perhaps it is just a mistake.  Well, it’s one I can work with.

More medals tomorrow please.

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