Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Worth it?

Don’t get me wrong, I like electrical stores: gleaming screens; metallic finishes; flashing blue lights; gadgets of all sorts – the uses of many of them beyond human understanding – lots and lots of stuff.  My idea of paradise.  But it all seems different when you are watching two guys working for two hours on a very expensive printer than stubbornly refused to do double-sided printing.  Which was the reason that it was bought.

Things were not helped by one of the men dropping a fairly important part of the machinery before we started, but nevertheless they ploughed on buoyed up by a stubborn belief that if the machine had a double-sided capability for one thing that I didn’t want then it would also have that capability for the thing that I did.

And they were right, eventually, though things were complicated because they were using Windows and I have a Mac.  The menu pages were and are different and I kept asking them to take me through from the beginning of the process to the end.  I left when they successfully (eventually) managed to produce a double-sided page – actually, as they had no documents to hand they printed out one of mine from my memory stick, my description of what happened in Hamlyn from the point of view of the Pied Piper!

Back home one of the first things that I did was to drop the part that was dropped in the store – luckily it still worked, as I found out when I experimented with clicking wildly at anything that showed its head in the menu page which bore no resemblance to anything that I had seen in store!

But it is now working – as it bloody well should giving how much it cost!

So today has been a little unbalanced with my ignoring the splendid weather and spending my time in an air-conditioned shop.

The afternoon was the beach.  There is a sea breeze which makes the heat tolerable, but we have been told that tomorrow the heat is going to be dangerously high so we will probably go to the beach at about four or five in the afternoon.

My swimming is getting steadily better, but I haven’t been to the “big” pool for a few days and swimming lengths in a smaller pool flatters one’s stamina and power – I need to come down to reality and make sure that I go for a good long swim tomorrow without the little boost of a push-off every 20 metres or so!

Nothing from my Amazon Retirement Lucky Bag has yet arrived.
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