Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Life?

Yesterday a whole slew of people I know escaped from the leaden fetters of education: good luck to them all and god knows they deserve their retirement.  I suggest that their Patron Saint should be My Uncle Eric who, at 93 has now been retired for longer than he worked and has, O Magic Thought, got back everything that he paid into his fund and more!  An inspiration for us all!

And for those like Frank who once breathed, “I’ve got another 20 years!” when I announced my own plans to retire – there is a faint gleam of light at the end of a very rickety tunnel.  Possibly.

According to the Internet the rest of my Retirement Lucky Bag should be with me on Monday.  This, of course, does not take into account the reluctance of the delivery company to deliver – but I have a number and I shall merely go in to the office in town, give them the number and collect my parcel which should be waiting for me.

The camera I have ordered is a “smart” one and I think that there will be hours of frustrated misery as I attempt to set it up.  But sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.  I have barely recovered from the fuss that was attached to making the new printer work – and that is still only partially set up!  The fax element can wait for a later day.  A much later day!

The “Summer Sales” which are usually something of a joke in this country compared with those in the UK are a little more convincing this year around – though it has taken a world wide economic crisis to get them to give real reductions.

I now have a whole range of new swimming costumes – and all at reasonable prices.  This means that I can have the unutterable luxury of a dry bathing costume each time I swim – as long as I remember to hang our each of the costumes as I use them.  And remember to take a costume with me when I swim.  I do have memories of . . . well, the swimming pool was always relatively near me so the journey home to get something essential was never that irritating.

Why is it that putting on a dry bathing costume is such a luxury – one is, after all going to wet it immediately.  I suppose it is the localized clamminess which is uncomfortable, isolated as it is from the all-over wetness that immersion brings.  It’s the little luxuries in life that make it worth living!

A duty trip to Terrassa to distribute Santo and birthday presents.  Toni’s sister had just come back from holiday.  With her two children.  And her husband.  And had to prepare a birthday meal for The Family.  I have never, ever seen her look so tired.  And yes I did say thank you.  Though only after making a series of very cruel jokes.  It is truly amazing how effectively the concept (and reality) of retirement can be used as a positively surgical weapon!

Today has been depressingly cloudy – but it hasn’t rained and it has been hot.  I can take virtually anything rather than rain.  Within reason.

The Kindle is so good I am thinking of getting another one.  Firstly because that is the sort of thing that I do when I like something and secondly because I think it would be a Good Idea to have one in the car.  Why, precisely I am not quite sure – but that is not going to stop me.

Tomorrow a possible drink with Frank – and a long delayed conversation.
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