Thursday, July 19, 2012

Something for me!

At last something from my Retirement Lucky Bag.  The delivery people in Castelldefels have kept up their unenviable record of never having actually managed to deliver anything they were supposed to actually to the house.  So, yet another visit to the town headquarters and the first part of my Lucky Bag: a Kindle.

Now, of course I do already have a Kindle, I had one almost as soon as they were announced – but that one is old and heavy, not like the svelte new version which is small and compact and light as a feather.

As soon as it was taken out of its elegant and economic container and powered up it recognized that I already had a Kindle and offered to download the content I already had in the other – which it did in double quick time.

It is a simple delight and Kindle deserve the success it has had, but a nagging doubt about the ethics of the whole affair does disturb.  Kindle has access to the whole of my library and can do what they like with it.  As they have shown in the past when it turned out that they did not actually have the right to sell one of Orwell’s novels and deleted it from Kindles around the world!  But I am too impressed by the sheer wonder of the thing to think too deeply about the wider implications – at the moment.

I have downloaded free extracts from two other books by Peter Watson whose work has mind-bendingly wide ranges of reference and he seems to write books for which the book he is writing is necessary to write the book itself.  If you see what I mean!  I think that I will delay the downloads until the colder and less sunny months of the year when I will be able to concentrate more.

My swim in the larger pool was just that bit harder because of my couple of days slippage from the daily effort but as if to encourage me, yet again I had a wide lane free to do my exercise!  This is getting weird as I am pushing what sort of swimming luck there is for this luxury of uninterrupted swimming space.  Long may it continue.

Today has been gloriously sunny, one of the hottest days of the year so far.  I only hope that this weather keeps up.

I have completed another summer task, but I haven’t started on the big ones yet.  When the weather breaks perhaps.

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