Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend at last!

Today, at least in junior schools, it was the start of Carnival!  This does not compute in my understanding of the world, as it is not Shrove Tuesday or Ash Wednesday and thus the start of Lent.  But who am I to understand the ways of sects outside the warm and wonderful family of the fratricidal organization of the Anglican Church!

Going out for tapas this evening and gazing out of the window of the bar in which we were sitting, I watched a procession of small children dressed in a variety of bizarre costumes including one small boy dressed as a devil with a Zorro cape and hat.  At least the tapas were conventional and delicious.

There must be something going on with my response to Spanish beer as I had a few small caña (a small tumbler), certainly much less than a pint in total and I felt distinctly woozy!  How times are changing!

And now it is the start of the weekend and I can spend most of it trying not to think of the . . . but, I said that I wasn’t going to mention the lurking horror, and I won’t.

I did eventually find the book that I had promised a colleague: Yeats’ poems with a parallel translation into Spanish.  It took me well over half an hour and then I didn’t find the book that I actually wanted but another parallel volume.  As usual I found a whole selection of books that have been submerged for the past year or so!  Again as usual I found “uneasy bedfellows” with the most strange runs of books on the same shelf.

This has made me even more determined to sort my library out.  But not so determined that I am not prepared to leave this until the summer holidays!
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