Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shine on October sun

Another fine day which makes me worry more and more about using up the climactic credit for the weekend and the celebration of United Nations Day.

The thought of a meal out is the only thing keeping me going as the paper sheaves of scrawled mountains of examination scripts is beginning to build up to that sort of height that engenders morbid depression.

It is at times like this that I refer myself to the Collected Wisdom of David – a colleague of some years standing in the school and country. His single most useful dictum was (and indeed is) “Remember Stephen; you are not in Britain.” You have absolutely no idea how many times I have turned to this simple, yet life-saving saying and managed to stay just the right side of sanity!

On previous occasions when what seem like completely arbitrary deadlines for marking to be completed have been ridiculously near to the day on which the examinations have been taken and when I have despaired of getting the marking done another of David’s sayings has come to the fore and helped me through, “Stephen, it may look impossible – but it will be done!” And it always is. Or has been.

The Kindle continues to please but it has a marked lack of flexibility in getting to the book that you want to continue reading or in finding another book than the Sony version of the eBook. As usual I am only scratching the surface of what the gadget can actually do and, in much the same way that I use the computer as a glorified typewriter, so I am using the Kindle only for its ability to store eBooks. Give me a month or two and I might have pushed my knowledge a little further!

Meanwhile: where is my red pen!

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